Chemical Science welcomes Professor Malika Jeffries-EL as a new Associate Editor

We wish a very warm welcome to our new Chemical Science Associate Editor Malika Jeffries-EL.

Malika Jeffries-EL


Malika Jeffries-EL was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended Wellesley College for her Bachelor’s degree and The George Washington University for masters and doctorate degrees. Malika then worked as a post-doctoral fellow under the direction of Professor Richard D. McCullough at Carnegie Mellon University, where she developed her interest in organic electronics. Malika started her research group at Iowa State University and then moved it to Boston University in 2016. Since July 2020 she has also served as the Associate Dean of the Graduate School in Arts and Sciences.

Malika’s research focuses on the design and synthesis of organic semiconductors for use in OLEDs and OPVs. In recognition of her group’s research, she has received the 2012 Rising Star Award from the ACS Women Chemists Committee, the 2013 Iota Sigma Pi Agnes Fay Morgan Award, and the 2021 Percy Julian Award from the National Organization of Black Chemist and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE), among many others. Malika is also a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Prior to joining Chemical Science in 2022, Malika was an Associate Editor for Journal of Materials Chemistry C from 2013 to 2022.

Please join us in welcoming Professor Malika Jeffries-EL to the Chemical Science as an Associate Editor. We encourage you to submit your best work to Malika and our team of Associate Editors now! Please see the Chemical Science author guidelines for more information on our article types.


Check out some of Malika Jeffries-EL’s publications in Royal Society of Chemistry journals:

Two-dimensional benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]difurans as donor building blocks for the formation of novel donor–acceptor copolymers
Carmen L. Gott-Betts , Alfred A. Burney-Allen , David L. Wheeler and Malika Jeffries-EL
Mater. Adv., 2022, 3, 4831-4838

A computational and experimental investigation of deep-blue light-emitting tetraaryl-benzobis[1,2-d:4,5-d′]oxazoles
D. Wheeler, S. Tannir, E. Smith, A. Tomlinson and M. Jeffries-EL
Mater. Adv., 2022, 3, 3842-3852

Benzobisoxazole cruciforms: a tunable, cross-conjugated platform for the generation of deep blue OLED materials
Ramiro Chavez III, Min Cai, Brian Tlach, David L. Wheeler, Rajiv Kaudal, Ayuna Tsyrenova, Aimée L. Tomlinson, Ruth Shinar, Joseph Shinar and Malika Jeffries-EL
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2016, 4, 3765-3773


Chemical Science, Royal Society of Chemistry

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