Hot Chemical Science articles for October

All of the referee-recommended articles below are free to access until 9th November 2014

DNA display of fragment pairs as a tool for the discovery of novel biologically active small molecules
J.-P. Daguer, C. Zambaldo, M. Ciobanu, P. Morieux, S. Barluenga and N. Winssinger  
Chem. Sci., 2014, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C4SC01654H, Edge Article

C4SC01654H GA

Macromolecular prodrugs of ribavirin: towards a treatment for co-infection with HIV and HCV
Anton A. A. Smith, Kaja Zuwala, Mille B. L. Kryger, Benjamin M. Wohl, Carlos Guerrero-Sanchez, Martin Tolstrup, Almar Postma and Alexander N. Zelikin  
Chem. Sci., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C4SC02754J, Edge Article
This article is Open Access

C4SC02754J GA

Organic/Inorganic Double-Layered Shells for Multiple Cytoprotection of Individual Living Cells
Daewha Hong, Hojae Lee, Eun Hyea Ko, Juno Lee, Hyeoncheol Cho, Matthew Park, Sung Ho Yang and Insung S Choi  
Chem. Sci., 2014, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C4SC02789B, Edge Article
This article is Open Access

C4SC02789B GA

Ultra-sensitive pH control of supramolecular polymers and hydrogels: pKa matching of biomimetic monomers
B. J. Cafferty, R. R. Avirah, G. B. Schuster and N. V. Hud  
Chem. Sci., 2014, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C4SC02182G, Edge Article

C4SC02182G GA

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