New themed collection: Synthetic methodologies for complex macromolecular structures

We are very pleased to announce the Polymer Chemistry special collection on Synthetic methodologies for complex macromolecular structures, in honour of Professor Yusuf Yağci’s 70th birthday


Professor Yusuf Yağci has worked on various aspects of polymer synthesis during his long research career and has developed several new synthetic methodologies to create functional macromolecules. He has benefited from ionic polymerizations, photo-initiated polymerizations, as well as controlled or living radical polymerization techniques. This collection is not just limited to these topics but also aims to reflect the inspiring, creative and entertaining character of Yusuf. The Guest Editors for this collection are:

  • Dr Hatice Mutlu (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
  • Professor Filip Du Prez (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Professor Remzi Becer (University of Warwick, UK)


In their Editorial, Guest Editors Hatice, Filip and Remzi, discuss the impact that Professor Yağci has had on the advancement of many fields, his commitment to the polymer chemistry community and his entertaining character.


Click here to read the full collcetion


The full collection can be found here and we have also highlighted a selection of articles below. We hope you enjoy these, and the rest of the articles included in the collection.


Synthesis of core-crosslinked star polymers via organocatalyzed living radical polymerization
Yichao Zheng, Jit Sarkar, Hiroshi Niino, Shunsuke Chatani, Shu Yao Hsu and Atsushi Goto

Polymer Chemistry, 2021, 12, 4043-4051


Trehalose coated nanocellulose to inhibit the infections by S. aureus
Yimeng Li, Małgorzata Milewska, Yee Yee Khine, Nicholas Ariotti and Martina Stenzel
Polymer Chemistry, 2022, 10.1039/D1PY01422F


Bromoform-assisted aqueous free radical polymerisation: a simple, inexpensive route for the preparation of block copolymers
Helena Hutchins-Crawford, Padarat Ninjiaranai, Matthew Derry, Robert Molloy, Brian Tighe and Paul Topham

Polymer Chemistry, 2021, 12, 4317-4325


Redox-sensitive ferrocene functionalised double cross-linked supramolecular hydrogels
Nikolai Liubimtsev, Tom Kösterke, Yunjiao Che, Dietmar Appelhans, Jens Gaitzsch and Brigitte Voit

Polymer Chemistry, 2022, 13, 427-438


Effect of halogen and solvent on iron-catalyzed atom transfer radical polymerization
Sajjad Dadashi-Silab, Khidong Kim, Francesca Lorandi, Dirk Schild, Marco Fantin and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
Polymer Chemistry, 2022, 13, 1059-1066


Upconversion nanoparticle-assisted cationic and radical/cationic hybrid photopolymerization using sulfonium salts
Xiaoyan Meng, Longji Li, Yaoxin Huang, Xin Deng, Xiaoxuan Liu and Zhiquan Li

Polymer Chemistry, 2021, 12, 7005-7009


All the articles in the collection are currently FREE to read until 17 April 2022!

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