Cram Lehn Pedersen Prize – 2012 winner announced

Congratulations to Dr Jonathan Nitschke (University of Cambridge) who is the winner of the Cram Lehn Pedersen prize 2012.

The prize, sponsored by ChemComm and named in honour of the winners of the 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, recognises significant, original and independent work in supramolecular chemistry by emerging investigators.

The prize is awarded to Dr Nitschke for his pioneering work in container molecules, functional materials and dynamic metal ligand chemistry. Dr Nitschke says “I’m incredibly honoured to receive this prize, which reflects most of all on the hard work, talent and creativity of my scientific co-workers, past and present. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of the vibrant international community of supramolecular chemists.”

Dr Nitschke will receive £2,000 and will present his award lecture at the 7th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (7-ISMSC) at the University of Otago, New Zealand in January.

Professor Phil Gale, Head of Chemistry at the University of Southampton and member of the ISMSC international committee says “I’m delighted Jonathan has been awarded the Cram Lehn Pedersen prize. His elegant chemistry has provided new insights into the formation of complex systems using metal–ligand interactions. The award is richly deserved”.

Find out more about Dr Nitschke’s research by reading his Chemical Science Edge article: “Selective anion binding by a “Chameleon” capsule with a dynamically reconfigurable exterior”.

Also read his Chemical Science Mini Review: “Reactivity modulation in container molecules”.

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6 Responses to “Cram Lehn Pedersen Prize – 2012 winner announced”

  1. [...] Dr Jonathan Nitschke will be delivering the Dalton Transactions lecture as a result of being awarded the 2011 Dalton Transactions European/African Lectureship earlier on this year. Jonathan has also recently been awarded the ChemComm 2012 Cram Lehn Pedersen award. [...]

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  2. [...] 2012 Cram Lehn Pedersen Prize has recently been awarded to Dr Jonathan Nitschke at the 2012 International Symposium on [...]

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  3. Congrats Dr Jonathan Nitschke for wining the prize and also for your great work.

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  4. [...] Last year’s prize was awarded to Dr Jonathan Nitschke (University of Cambridge). [...]

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  5. [...] The Cram Lehn Pedersen Prize is named in honour of the winners of the 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and recognizes significant original and independent work in supramolecular chemistry. Previous winners include Oren Schermann, Tomoki Ogoshi, and Jonathan Nitschke. [...]

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  6. Hakimeh says:


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