Journal of Materials Chemistry B 10th anniversary survey – the results are in

To celebrate 10 years of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C we asked you to contribute your thoughts and perspectives about the development of materials chemistry and the future of the field!

We asked 3 questions to Journals of Materials Chemistry B authors, reviewers, and readers. Below we discuss our findings and share some of the common trends amongst the Journal of Materials Chemistry B community responses.

Question 1:

What development in materials chemistry for biological and medicinal applications do you see as having the biggest impact over the last 10 years?

Clearly research in the development and application of hydrogels has contributed a great deal to advances in biological and medical materials over the past decade, however as you can see from our responses, this was not the only development recognised in our survey. A great deal of responses credited the development of nanomaterials to be impactful on our recent growth in biological and medicinal materials. Therapy and diagnostics, specifically for cancer treatment and detection was widely mentioned in the responses and is a common theme throughout the survey.


The letter 'B' filled with multicoloured words from survey responces. Hydrogels, Cancer, Targeted, Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Therapy, Organoids.





The letter 'B' filled with multicoloured words from survey responses. Materials, Nanomaterials, Personalised, Therapy, Electronics, Medicine, Targeted, Cancer, Precision. Question 2:

Where do you see the direction of materials chemistry research for biological and medicinal applications heading in the next 10 years?

Again we had a wide array of responses to this question and similar themes to above emerge from the responses. Targeted and personalised therapies seem to be at the forefront and we anticipate this will be a major field moving forward. Alongside this, we have further mention of nanomaterials – indeed they hold a great deal of potential for the biomedical materials field, and we hope to see future developments in this topic. The materials field for biological applications certainly has an exciting future ahead of it!

Question 3:

What topic would you like to see more of in Journal of Materials Chemistry B?

The resounding theme for this response was the call for more articles dedicated to specialised biomaterials. There were lots of suggestions for a large variety of materials – polymeric and collagen-based, porous, nano, and bioelectric materials. Sensing devices was also a popular response, as was imaging technology.

The letter 'B' filled with multicoloured words from survey responses. Biomaterials, Materials, Nanomaterials, Imaging, Hydrogels, Devices, Sensing, Microfluidic, Polymeric, Regenerative.

So how did your contribution compare to the rest of the community? We appreciate all of your responses and it has certainly shed some light on our communities’ perspectives in regard to the materials chemistry field – past, present and future.

Discover the results for the Journal of Materials Chemistry A survey and Journal of Materials Chemistry C survey.

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Follow us on Twitter (@JMaterChem), WeChat and sign up to our mailings to keep up to date with our latest anniversary activities. We are excited to celebrate our anniversary year and we are grateful to our community for all their support!


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