Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C

This year we are proud to celebrate 10 years since the launch of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C as three separate titles.

The vision of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C was to provide venues for highly topical research in a broad range of materials chemistry across three distinguished journal scopes. Since the pilot issues were published at the beginning of 2013, we have continued to publish a diverse range of impactful research across the global materials chemistry community and covering the full breadth of our discipline.

We are delighted to announce a number of initiatives to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C. You can find out more about our activities below:


10th Anniversary Activities


Editors-in-Chief Anders Hagfeldt, Jeroen Cornelissen and Natalie Stingelin introduce the anniversary year with an Editorial: Celebrating ten years of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C.


Read the introductory Editorial

The three Editors-in-Chief have also reflected on all the celebrations and activities that took place during the anniversary year with an Editorial published in issue 1 of 2024.

Read the reflection Editorial

Celebratory Themed Collections

We have published special 10th anniversary themed collections across each of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C featuring work from members of the community who have supported the journals over the last 10 years. We would like to thank and celebrate our community for their ongoing support and for sharing their latest discoveries with us. Articles included in the anniversary issues feature ’10th Anniversary Statements’ to highlight the author’s relationship to the journal and to hear from our community what they value about the long history of the JMCs!

Journal of Materials Chemistry A anniversary issue Journal of Materials Chemistry B anniversary issue Journal of Materials Chemistry C anniversary issue


To introduce the anniversary collections, we also heard from past and present Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Board Chairs from throughout the long history of Journal of Materials Chemistry.

” Looking ahead to the future of the journals, we hope that this community continues to grow and develop. The past ten years and beyond have seen major shifts in the research community for the better, with more international collaboration and more interaction between experimentalists and theoreticians, fundamental and applied researchers, along with researchers working together from across different disciplines to advance understanding and solve problems. The journals have also been actively engaged in equality, diversity and inclusion and we are proud to have been involved in addressing balances and valuing input from all members of our community at all stages of their careers.”

Check out the Editorial introducing the anniversary issues here.


Post-publication collections

10th Anniversary: Most popular articles

We wanted to celebrate some of the most exceptional research that our authors have published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry family of journals over the last 10 years. The collections feature some of our most popular articles and reviews since the launch of the journals in 2013. The featured articles have been hand picked from a decade of exceptional work, including some of the most highly cited and downloaded content that has been published in the journals.

Read the collections now:

JMCA most popular articles JMCB most popular articles JMCC most popular articles


10th anniversary: Dedicated authors

We wanted to celebrate some of our most dedicated authors that have published in the journals over the past 10 years. These online collections feature articles and reviews from some of our most frequent authors since the launch of the journal in 2013. The collections have been curated in honour of those authors who have provided truly impactful, timeless, and high-quality research articles and reviews, time and time again.

Read the collections here:

JMCA dedicated authors JMCB dedicated authors JMCC dedicated authors


Anniversary Perspectives

We asked key figures in our community to look forward to the next 10 years of developments in their respective fields by contributing a forward looking Perspective article on hot topics across materials chemistry.

From molecular engineering in organic semiconductors, to DNA-based biosensors to the safety issues of lithium battery materials, these Perspectives offer a glimpse into the key challenges facing materials chemists as we move forward into the next decade of research. We hope that many solutions to these problems will feature in the exciting work we publish every week in the journal family.

Check out our Anniversary Perspectives collection


Community Spotlight

We have published a series of 10 blogs featuring interviews with various members of our communities who have supported the journals over recent years.

Check out our Community Spotlight Series here.


10th Anniversary Covers

Since the start of 2023, we have encouraged authors to include a 10 in their cover designs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the journals. These covers have been promoted on Twitter using the hashtag #JMCs10Years. A selection of these 10th anniversary covers are included below and you can find monthly round-ups on our blog.

Check them out!





We have showcased some of the authors who have published for the first time in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B or C in 2023. Authors can opt-in to be included if it is their first time publishing with the journal as a corresponding author. Check out the ongoing collections below to meet the next generation of our community and keep an eye on our socials for #MyFirstJMC promotion. We thank these authors for choosing to publish their work with us! Read the collections here:

#MyFirstJMCA #MyFirstJMCB #MyFirstJMCC


Journal of Materials Chemistry 10 Year Anniversary Survey

To celebrate 10 years of Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C we asked you to contribute your thoughts and perspectives about the development of materials chemistry and the future of the field!

Check out the results on this blog post!

Follow us on Twitter (@JMaterChem), LinkedIn (#RSCMat),WeChat and sign up to our mailings to keep up to date with our latest anniversary activities.

We are excited to celebrate our anniversary year and we are grateful to our community for all their support!

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