Focus on: Superhydrophobic surfaces

Soft Matter & Journal of Materials ChemistrySuperhydrophobic surfaces can cause water to roll off leaving little or no liquid behind and even pick-up and remove small dirt particles resting on the surface; however, despite the  progress made, there is still an opportunity fabricate these surfaces using simpler and cheaper methods, to maximise roll-off, or to introduction additional functional properties. Here we’ve brought together a selection of articles covering the preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces and coatings, their chemical and physical properties, and the origin of the superhydrophobic effect.

Hydrophilic and superhydrophilic surfaces and materials
Jaroslaw Drelich ,  Emil Chibowski ,  Dennis Desheng Meng and Konrad Terpilowski
Soft Matter, 2011,7, 9804-9828

Immersed superhydrophobic surfaces: Gas exchange, slip and drag reduction properties
Glen McHale ,  Michael I. Newton and Neil J. Shirtcliffe
Soft Matter, 2010,6, 714-719

Characterization of superhydrophobic behavior: effect of vibrational energy
W. Li ,  Y. P. Diao ,  H. L. Zhang ,  G. C. Wang ,  S. Q. Lu ,  X. J. Dong ,  H. B. Dong and Q. L. Sun
Soft Matter, 2009,5, 2833-2835

Solution-processed superhydrophobic conjugated polymer films
Daniel Nyström ,  Per Antoni ,  Steven Holdcroft ,  Anders Hult ,  Eva Malmström Jonsson and George Vamvounis
Soft Matter, 2012,8, 5753-5755

Light-controlled quick switch of adhesion on a micro-arrayed liquid crystal polymer superhydrophobic film
Chao Li ,  Futao Cheng ,  Jiu-an Lv ,  Yong Zhao ,  Mingjie Liu ,  Lei Jiang and Yanlei Yu
Soft Matter, 2012,8, 3730-3733

Superhydrophilic–superoleophobic coatings
Jin Yang ,  Zhaozhu Zhang ,  Xianghui Xu ,  Xiaotao Zhu ,  Xuehu Men and Xiaoyan Zhou
J. Mater. Chem., 2012,22, 2834-2837

A heatable and evaporation-free miniature reactor upon superhydrophobic pedestals
Bin Su ,  Shutao Wang ,  Yanlin Song and Lei Jiang
Soft Matter, 2012,8, 631-635

A facile and large-area fabrication method of superhydrophobic self-cleaning fluorinated polysiloxane/TiO2 nanocomposite coatings with long-term durability
Xiaofeng Ding ,  Shuxue Zhou ,  Guangxin Gu and Limin Wu
J. Mater. Chem., 2011,21, 6161-6164

Janus interface materials: superhydrophobic air/solid interface and superoleophobic water/solid interface inspired by a lotus leaf
Qunfeng Cheng ,  Mingzhu Li ,  Yongmei Zheng ,  Bin Su ,  Shutao Wang and Lei Jiang
Soft Matter, 2011,7, 5948-5951

Fabrication of raspberry SiO2/polystyrene particles and superhydrophobic particulate film with high adhesive force
Dezhi Xu ,  Mozhen Wang ,  Xuewu Ge ,  Michael Hon-Wah Lam and Xueping Ge
J. Mater. Chem., 2012,22, 5784-5791

Transparent superhydrophobic/superhydrophilic TiO2-based coatings for self-cleaning and anti-fogging
Yuekun Lai ,  Yuxin Tang ,  Jiaojiao Gong ,  Dangguo Gong ,  Lifeng Chi ,  Changjian Lin and Zhong Chen
J. Mater. Chem., 2012,22, 7420-7426

Low-cost and large-scale fabrication method for an environmentally-friendly superhydrophobic coating on magnesium alloy
Zhongwei Wang ,  Qing Li ,  Zuxin She ,  Funan Chen and Longqin Li
J. Mater. Chem., 2012,22, 4097-4105

Robust superhydrophobic surfaces with mechanical durability and easy repairability
Xiaotao Zhu ,  Zhaozhu Zhang ,  Xuehu Men ,  Jin Yang ,  Kun Wang ,  Xianghui Xu ,  Xiaoyan Zhou and Qunji Xue
J. Mater. Chem., 2011,21, 15793-15797

Cassie–Wenzel and Wenzel–Cassie transitions on immersed superhydrophobic surfaces under hydrostatic pressure
Pontus Forsberg ,  Fredrik Nikolajeff and Mikael Karlsson
Soft Matter, 2011,7, 104-109

Responsive wetting transition on superhydrophobic surfaces with sparsely grafted polymer brushes
Xinjie Liu ,  Qian Ye ,  Xinwang Song ,  Yangwen Zhu ,  Xulong Cao ,  Yongmin Liang and Feng Zhou
Soft Matter, 2011,7, 515-523

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