Focus on: Shape memory polymers and nanocomposites

Shape memory materials are used in a range of applications from electrically conductive actuators to materials for biomedical engineering. Here we’ve brought together a selection of papers covering the fundamental properties and applications of shape memory polymers and nanocomposites.

Journal of Materials Chemistry

  1. Thermo-moisture responsive polyurethane shape-memory polymer and composites: a review
  2. Biomedical applications of thermally activated shape memory polymers
  3. A versatile approach to achieve quintuple-shape memory effect by semi-interpenetrating polymer networks containing broadened glass transition and crystalline segments
  4. Soft shape memory in main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers
  5. Shape memory epoxy: Composition, structure, properties and shape memory performances
  6. Analysis of non-covalent interactions between the nanoparticulate fillers and the matrix polymer as applied to shape memory performance
  7. Organic-inorganic chemical hybrids having shape memory effect
  8. Thermo-mechanical properties of polystyrene-based shape memory nanocomposites
  9. Nanotube fibers for electromechanical and shape memory actuators
  10. Modeling the morphology and mechanical behavior of shape memory polyurethanes based on solid-state NMR and synchrotron SAXS/WAXD
  11. Shape memory polymers with silicon-containing segments
  12. Star-shaped POSS-polycaprolactone polyurethanes and their shape memory performance
  13. Shape memory polyurethanes containing azo exhibiting photoisomerization function
  14. Organic-inorganic nanocomposite bilayers with triple shape memory effect
  15. Nanosize Si anode embedded in super-elastic nitinol (Ni-Ti) shape memory alloy matrix for Li rechargeable batteries
  16. High-strain shape memory polymer networks crosslinked by SiO(2)

Soft Matter

  1. Conductive shape memory nanocomposites for high speed electrical actuation
  2. A new approach to shape memory polymer: design and preparation of poly(methyl methacrylate) composites in the presence of star poly(ethylene glycol)
  3. Mechanisms of the multi-shape memory effect and temperature memory effect in shape memory polymers
  4. Solvent induced shape recovery of shape memory polymer based on chemically cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol)
  5. A functionally graded shape memory polymer
  6. Light-activated shape memory of glassy, azobenzene liquid crystalline polymer networks
  7. Study of electroactive shape memory polyurethane-carbon nanotube hybrids
  8. Nanopaper enabled shape-memory nanocomposite with vertically aligned nickel nanostrand: controlled synthesis and electrical actuation

Soft Matter and Journal of Materials Chemistry front covers

If you’d like to read more papers in this area then why now read the Actively Moving Polymers or Emerging themes in soft matter: responsive and active soft materials themed issues.

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