Hot Article: Structure, photophysics, and photooxidation of crowded diethynyltetracenes

Structure, photophysics, and photooxidation of crowded diethynyltetracenesRubrene and other acenes are common luminescent materials used in light-emitting devices; however, the performance of devices based on these materials decreases as the materials decompose. This hot paper describes a new class of sterically crowded tetracene derivatives that have both phenyl and ethynyl substituents. The steric crowding above and below the tetracene core prevents overlap between the extended π-systems of the acenes. The arenes reported have spectra similar to diarylpentacenes, but with higher quantum yields of fluorescence and greater photostability. Read this article for free until 23rd May.

Jingjing Zhang,  Syena Sarrafpour,  Terry E. Haas,  Peter Müller and Samuel W. Thomas, J. Mater. Chem., 2012, 22, 6182-6189.

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