Congratulations to Soft Matter Award Winners at IUMRS-ICAM 2017

The 15th International Conference on Advanced Materials

Soft Matter was proud to sponsor IUMRS-ICAM 2017, which took place this year in Kyoto, from the 27th August to the 1st of September. Over 1,200 oral presentations and 700 poster presentations were given across the 6-day conference.

There were 7 Soft Matter Award Winners, across 3 different sessions, focusing on ‘Soft Active Interfaces’, ‘Structure and Physical Properties of Polymers in Confined Systems’, and ‘Soft Matter Science and Technology – Revisit to Unsolved Problems and Challenges’.

Award Winners were;
NienTing Hsieh (Chung Yuan Christian University) for her Oral Presentation on ‘Molecular Design of a Dual-Functional Quaternary Amine Copolymer for Bacterial Reversible Self-Cleaning Control via Zwitterionic Counterion Activation’


NienTing Hsieh with Prof. Yung Chang (Supervisor)

Yoji Yamashita (Osaka City University) for his Poster Presentation on ‘Synthesis of Curable Hyperbranched Polymers Containing Dense Degradable Groups and Their Application to Degradable Cured Materials’


Yoji Yamashita with Prof. Eriko Sato (Supervisor)

Nozomi Arai (University of Kyoto) for his Poster Presentation on ‘Direct Observation and Modeling of Attachment Behavior of Colloid Particles on A Bubble Surface’


Nozomi Arai with Dr. Satoshi Watanabe

Dr. Yukari Oda (Kyushu University) for her Oral Presentation on ‘Interfacial Modifications of Thin Films by Preferential Segregation of Janus Macromolecules’


Dr. Yukari Oda

Dr. Keita Sakakibara (Kyoto University) for his Poster Presentation on ‘Preparation of High-Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites Well Reinforced by Cellulose Nanofiber Using Diblock Copolymer-type Dispersants’


Dr. Keita Sakakibara

Thanh-Tam Mai (Kyoto Institute of Technology) for his Oral Presentation on ‘Novel Features of the Mullins Effect in Filled Elastomers Revealed by Stretching Measurements in Various Geometries’


Thanh-Tam Mai with Prof. Kenji Urayama (supervisor)

Dr. Shohei Ida (The University of Shiga Prefecture) for his Poster Presentation on ‘Precision Synthesis of Controlled Telechelic PNIPAAm with Thiol-Termini for Construction of Homogeneous Network by Thiol-Ene End-Crosslinking’


Dr. Shohei Ida

Congratulations to all winners! We wish you the very best for the future.


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