Hot papers for August!

Photo-sensitivity of dye-doped liquid crystal elastomers
Jean E. Marshall and Eugene M. Terentjev, Paper

Discovering crystals using shape matching and machine learning
Carolyn L. Phillips and Gregory A. Voth, Paper

Collective alignment of nanorods in thin Newtonian films
Yu Gu, Ruslan Burtovyy, James Townsend, Jeffery R. Owens, Igor Luzinov and Konstantin G. Kornev, Paper

Polypeptoids: a model system to study the effect of monomer sequence on polymer properties and self-assembly
Adrianne M. Rosales, Rachel A. Segalman and Ronald N. Zuckermann, Review Article

Shear-induced macroscopic “Siamese” twins in soft colloidal crystals
Sara Mehdizadeh Taheri, Sabine Rosenfeldt, Steffen Fischer, Peter Bösecke, Theyencheri Narayanan, Peter Lindner and Stephan Förster

Force and stroke of a hydrogel actuator
Widusha R. K. Illeperuma, Jeong-Yun Sun, Zhigang Suo and Joost J. Vlassak

Semi-flexible polymer chains in quasi-one-dimensional confinement: a Monte Carlo study on the square lattice
Hsiao-Ping Hsu and Kurt Binder



Imidazolium-containing, hydrophobic–ionic–hydrophilic ABC triblock copolymers: synthesis, ordered phase-separation, and supported membrane fabrication
Erin F. Wiesenauer, Phuc Tien Nguyen, Brian S. Newell, Travis S. Bailey, Richard D. Noble and Douglas L. Gin




Inverse Pm[3 with combining macron]n cubic micellar lyotropic phases from zwitterionic triazolium gemini surfactants
Dominic V. Perroni and Mahesh K. Mahanthappa


These papers are free to access until 11th September


Magneto-induced microstructure characterization of magnetorheological plastomers using impedance spectroscopy
Yangguang Xu, Xinglong Gong, Taixiang Liu and Shouhu Xuan

Self-organization of the bacterial cell-division protein FtsZ in confined environments
Sonia Mellouli, Begoña Monterroso, Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri, Esra te Brinke, Venkatachalam Chokkalingam, Germán Rivas and Wilhelm T. S. Huck

Oligo(aniline) nanofilms: from molecular architecture to microstructure
Thomas G. Dane, Philip T. Cresswell, Georgia A. Pilkington, Samuele Lilliu, John E. Macdonald, Stuart W. Prescott, Oier Bikondoa, Charl F. J. Faul and Wuge H. Briscoe


These papers are free to access until 3rd September

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