June’s hot papers

These papers are HOT as recommended by referees. All are free to read for 4 weeks!

Review Article: Topology of nematic liquid crystal colloids confined to two dimensions
Uroš Tkalec and Igor Muševič

Precise determination of the Poisson ratio in soft materials with 2D digital image correlation
Robyn H. Pritchard, Pascal Lava, Dimitri Debruyne and Eugene M. Terentjev

Elasticity of flexible polymers under cylindrical confinement: appreciating the blob scaling regime in computer simulations
Juin Kim, Chanil Jeon, Hawoong Jeong, Youngkyun Jung and Bae-Yeun Ha 


These hot papers are free to read until 23rd July!

High aspect ratio cylindrical microdomains oriented vertically on the substrate using block copolymer micelles and temperature-programmed solvent vapor annealing
Sungnam Kim, Gumhye Jeon, Sung Woo Heo, Hye Jeong Kim, Seung Bin Kim, Taihyun Chang and Jin Kon Kim


Enhancing and reversing the electric field at the oil–water interface with size-asymmetric monovalent ions
Guillermo Iván Guerrero-García, Yufei Jing and Mónica Olvera de la Cruz

Elasto-capillary meniscus: pulling out a soft strip sticking to a liquid surface
Marco Rivetti and Arnaud Antkowiak

These hot papers are free to read until 16th July!

Localization of deformation in thin shells under indentation
Alice Nasto, Amin Ajdari, Arnaud Lazarus, Ashkan Vaziri and Pedro M. Reis



Substitutional impurity-induced vitrification in microgel crystals
Ruben Higler, Jeroen Appel and Joris Sprakel


Structure and mechanical response of protein hydrogels reinforced by block copolymer self-assembly
Matthew J. Glassman and Bradley D. Olsen

These hot papers are free to read until 9th July!

Spatial heterogeneity in the sol–gel transition of a supramolecular system
David P. Penaloza, Atsuomi Shundo, Keigo Matsumoto, Masashi Ohno, Katsuaki Miyaji, Masahiro Goto and Keiji Tanaka

Elementary building blocks of nematic disclination networks in densely packed 3D colloidal lattices
Simon Čopar, Noel A. Clark, Miha Ravnik and Slobodan Žumer

Dynamic friction in natural and synthetic gecko setal arrays
J. B. Puthoff, M. Holbrook, M. J. Wilkinson, K. Jin, N. S. Pesika and K. Autumn


These hot papers are free to read until 1st July!

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