May’s hot papers

These papers are HOT as recommended by referees. All are free to read for 4 weeks!

Cationic poly(2-oxazoline) hydrogels for reversible DNA binding
Matthias Hartlieb, David Pretzel Kristian Kempe, Carolin Fritzsche, Renzo M. Paulus, Michael Gottschaldt and Ulrich S. Schubert


Tuning colloidal association with specific peptide interactions
Alia P. Schoen, Bob Hommersom, Sarah C. Heilshorn and Mirjam E. Leunissen


How coatings with hydrophobic particles may change the drying of water droplets: incompressible surface versus porous media effects
Benoît Laborie, Florent Lachaussée, Elise Lorenceau and Florence Rouyer

Frustration and packing in curved-filament assemblies: from isometric to isomorphic bundles
Gregory M. Grason




Bijel reinforcement by droplet bridging: a route to bicontinuous materials with large domains
Jessica A. Witt, Daniel R. Mumm and Ali Mohraz



Bent-core compounds with two branched chains: evidence of a new dark conglomerate mesophase
Hale Ocak, Belkız Bilgin-Eran, Marko Prehm and Carsten Tschierske


Stimuli-responsive polymers grafted to nanopores and other nano-curved surfaces: structure, chemical equilibrium and transport
Mario Tagliazucchi and Igal Szleifer



On the collapse transition of a polymer brush: the case of lateral mobility
F. A. M.Leermakers and S. A. Egorov


A continuum model of epithelial spreading
Michael H. Köpf and Len M. Pismen




Imaging stress and strain in the fracture of drying colloidal films
Ye Xu, Guy K. German, Aaron F. Mertz and Eric R. Dufresne


A new approach to high resolution, high contrast electron microscopy of macromolecular block copolymer assemblies
M. Adam Dyson, Ana M. Sanchez, Joseph P. Patterson, Rachel K. O’Reilly, Jeremy Sloan and Neil R. Wilson



Thermoresponsive switching of liquid flow direction on a two-face prism array
Sang Moon Kim, Do Hyun Kang, Jai Hyun Koh, Hyo Seon Suh, Hyunsik Yoon, Kahp-Yang Suh and Kookheon Char  


May’s hot papers will be updated throughout the month, so check back regularly!  

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