February’s hot papers

These papers are HOT as recommended by referees. All are free to read for 4 weeks!

Kinetics of multicompartment micelle formation by self-assembly of ABC miktoarm star terpolymer in dilute solution
Long Wang, Rui Xu, Zilu Wang and Xuehao He

A novel particle tracking method with individual particle size measurement and its application to ordering in glassy hard sphere colloids
Mathieu Leocmach and Hajime Tanaka

The buckling and invagination process during consolidation of colloidal droplets
F. Boulogne, F. Giorgiutti-Dauphiné and L. Pauchard

Gas-core triple emulsions for ultrasound triggered release
Haosheng Chen, Jiang Li, Jiandi Wan, David A. Weitz and Howard A. Stone

Shape, chirality and internal order of freely suspended nematic nanodroplets
Davide Vanzo, Matteo Ricci, Roberto Berardi and Claudio Zannoni

Modeling the response of dual cross-linked nanoparticle networks to mechanical deformation
Balaji V. S. Iyer, Isaac G. Salib, Victor V. Yashin, Tomasz Kowalewski, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski and Anna C. Balazs

Stabilization mechanism of double emulsions made by microfluidics
Jonathan S. Sander, Lucio Isa, Patrick A. Rühs, Peter Fischer and André R. Studart

Interfacial aspects of the stability of polyglycerol ester covered bubbles against coalescence
Corina Curschellas, Deniz Z. Gunes, Hélène Deyber, Brigitte Watzke, Erich Windhab and Hans Jörg Limbach

Stimulation of vigorous rotational flows and novel flow patterns using triaxial magnetic fields
Kyle J. Solis and James E. Martin

Knotting and metric scaling properties of DNA confined in nano-channels: a Monte Carlo study
Cristian Micheletti and Enzo Orlandini

Hyaluronan and phospholipids in boundary lubrication
Chao Liu, Min Wang, Junxue An, Esben Thormann and Andra Dėdinaitė

Modelling elasticity and memory effects in liquid crystalline elastomers by molecular dynamics simulations
Jaroslav M. Ilnytskyi, Marina Saphiannikova, Dieter Neher and Michael P. Allen

February’s hot papers will be updated throughout the month, so check back regularly!

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