Bread leavening proves useful for energy storage

Debbie Houghton writes about a hot Green Chemistry article for Chemistry World

Freshly baked bread

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 Just like bread, hierarchically porous carbons (HPCs), are judged on their texture; so researchers in China have called on their baking know-how to cook up a sustainable method for producing these supercapacitor components

 HPCs could prove useful in energy storage because of their high surface area and short ion transport pathway. But existing synthetic methods for producing HPCs, including nanocasting and soft-templating, are unfeasible for industrial application as they require complex, expensive processes. Read the full article in Chemistry World» 

Read the original journal article in Green Chemistry – it’s free to access until 3rd August:
Inspired by bread leavening: one-pot synthesis of hierarchically porous carbon for supercapacitors
Jiang Deng, Tianyi Xiong, Fan Xu, Mingming Li, Chuanlong Han, Yutong Gong, Haiyan Wang and Yong Wang 
DOI: 10.1039/C5GC00523J, Pape

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