Issue 11 of Green Chemistry now online

The latest issue of Green Chemistry is now available to read online!

Green Chemistry, issue 11, 2012, front coverThe front cover of issue 11 of Green Chemistry features work my Pedro Lozano and colleagues from the University of Murcia, Spain, who report a clean bio-catalytic route to flavour esters.  The team used switchable ionic liquid/solid phases as the reaction/separation media to achieve this, whereby a fully homogeneous liquid phase could be achieved at 50 °C and a solid-phase system could be created at room temperature.  This allows the enzyme to function in the ionic liquid at temperatures compatible for enzyme catalysis, in this case giving almost 100% yields of flavour esters at 50 °C.  By cooling and subsequent centrifugation, the liquid, almost pure, reaction product could be easily separated off leaving the biocatalyst/ionic liquid system in place which can then be reused for multiple cycles.

A clean enzymatic process for producing flavour esters by direct esterification in switchable ionic liquid/solid phases, Pedro Lozano,  Juana M. Bernal and Alicia Navarro, Green Chem., 2012, 14, 3026-3033

The inside front cover of the issue features work by Joshua Taygerly, Emily Peterson and colleagues from Amgen Inc. and Northeastern University, USA, who have developed a guide which aims to help synthetic chemists find suitable and more environmentally friendly alternatives to a DCM-solvent system for chromatographic purification of compounds.  The authors selected several ‘drug-like’ molecules which reflected the types of molecules regularly prepared and purified, tested several alternative solvent systems to DCM.  From the results, they assembled a figure which allows the scientist to find the potentially equivalent, alternative system(s).  The primary use of this guide is to provide chemists with a quickly identifiable starting point for selecting alternative solvent systems to DCM.

A convenient guide to help select replacement solvents for dichloromethane in chromatography, Joshua P. Taygerly, Larry M. Miller, Alicia Yee and Emily A. Peterson, Green Chem., 2012, 14, 3020-3025

These articles are free to access for 6 weeks!

You can also read Pedro Lozano’s recent interview with Green Chemistry here.

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