Solvent selection guide for medicinal chemists

Scientists at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have recently published a revised “solvent selection guide” which is designed to aid the decision-making process associated with choosing a solvent for a chemical transformation. The original solvent selection guide published in 1998 assessed the use of 47 solvents in organic chemistry reactions. The updated version of the solvent selection guide now includes 110 solvents (each with a life cycle score), thus providing a more comprehensive comparative and relative assessment of the solvents.

The guide also contains information on solvent recycling, environmental impact, health and flammability issues amongst others. The broad range of issues covered in the guide will enable scientists to make an objective decision on which solvents to use based on multiple paramenters – this will help truly assess which solvent is the most sustainable for a particular procedure.

Click the link below to read the article in full – free access until 21st April

Expanding GSK’s solvent selection guide – embedding sustainability into solvent selection starting at medicinal chemistry

Richard K. Henderson, Concepcion Jimenez-Gonzalez, David J. C. Constable, Sarah R. Alston, Graham G. A. Inglis, Gail Fisher, James Sherwood, Steve P. Binks and Alan D. Curzons, Green Chem., 2011, DOI: 10.1039/c0gc00918k

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11 Responses to “Solvent selection guide for medicinal chemists”

  1. Mike Pitts says:

    No free access as far as I can see

  2. Kathleen Too says:

    Hi Mike,
    You will need to register for an account first. Follow the link below:

    After registering, you can then login to access the article for free until the 21 April 2011.
    Many Thanks

  3. Rebecca Lowe says:

    A nice-looking, well-supported Solvent Guide – great to see the Medicinal Chemists’ stepping up to the mark on this!

  4. Rebecca Lowe says:

    A nice-looking, well-supported Solvent Guide – great to see the Medicinal Chemists’ stepping up to the mark on this!

  5. Christina Isaak says:


    I managed to access the article OK, but couldn’t get a decent copy of the Guide itself (I tried the “” url in the bottom corner but with no luck!).

    Is there a downloadable pdf available?

  6. Rebecca Lowe says:

    Me too Christina,

    …can anyone help out?

  7. Anna Simpson, Deputy Editor says:

    There is a copy of the guide available as Electronic Supplementary Information. It can be accessed by following the link to ‘Supplementary information’ which is to the right of the abstract on the article landing page.

  8. Rebecca Lowe says:

    Thanks for this Anna but I was hoping for a copy of the simpler (Green-Yellow-Red) Medicinal Chemist’s version..?

  9. Anna Simpson, Deputy Editor says:

    Hi everyone, a high resolution version of the Medicinal Chemist’s Guide (figure 2 from the paper) is now up with the article as Electronic Supplementary Information. The website featured on some of the figures is an internal GSK site which is why it is not possible to access it externally.

    If you have any further queries let us know.

  10. Rebecca Lowe says:

    Hi Anna, got it now! Thanks very much for helping: and it’s a really great quality copy….

  11. John Edwards says:

    Great solvent guide! Very useful reference for chemists and those researching solvents and chemicals. This is also a helpful video that shows how we can be more sustainable with solvent. New technological breakthroughs like this validate the fact that chemicals and different solvent matter can go through a recycling process that makes them actually sustainable.

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