Multi-component synthesis of peptide–sugar conjugates on the cover of OBC Issue 15

The latest issue of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry is now available online. With a pizza on the front cover, it couldn’t get any more Italian than that! Take a look at our wonderful covers from two Italian groups and discover all about the new research behind them.

Welcome to OBC Issue 15, 2013!

Multi-component synthesis of peptide-sugar conjugatesThe outside front cover highlights a research article by Volonterio et al. in Milan describing an efficient multi-component domino process for the synthesis of peptide-urea and glyco-urea–peptide conjugates. This novel one-pot reaction allows the synthesis of a wide array of structurally diverse peptide-sugar conjugates in high yield and in a regioselective manner, from easily accessible starting materials, under mild conditions. Glycopeptides play an important role in biology and medicine and are indispensable tools for probing biological process.  The possibility to obtain libraries of peptide-sugar conjugates, containing enzymatically more stable linkages, makes a highly-significant impact in the field of drug discovery research.

Multi-component synthesis of peptide–sugar conjugates
Maria Cristina Bellucci, Giancarlo Terraneo and Alessandro Volonterio
DOI: 10.1039/C3OB27176E

On the inside front cover is the result of a collaboration from scientists at the University of Cagliari, Florence and Southampton. Caltagirone and co-Bis-ureidic receptors for pyrophosphate optical sensingworkers report the synthesis and characterisation of a new family of bis-ureidic receptors (L1–L6). The 1H NMR, absorption, luminescence properties, as well as the X-ray structure of system L6, and ion-binding behaviour have been studied in detail and theoretical calculations have helped to explain the binding properties observed. These findings provide insight in the development of new colorimetric and luminescent flexible anion probes. 

A new family of bis-ureidic receptors for pyrophosphate optical sensing
Claudia Caltagirone, Carla Bazzicalupi, Francesco Isaia, Mark E. Light, Vito Lippolis, Riccardo Montis, Sergio Murgia, Martina Olivaria and Giacomo Piccia
DOI: 10.1039/ C3OB27244C

Both articles can be read for free for the next 6 weeks!

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