Highlights from Nanoscale Horizons so far in 2018





We are delighted to see the support from the community as you continue to contribute outstanding articles showcasing new concepts of exceptional significance to the nanoscience readership.

To celebrate the nanoscience community’s excellent work, we have picked out some content highlights for 2018 so far, which we would like to share with you. All articles are free to access until the end of June – we hope you enjoy reading them.



Electron transfer and exciplex chemistry of functionalized nanocarbons: effects of electronic coupling and donor dimerization

Tomokazu Umeyama and Hiroshi Imahori

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, Advance Article


Group 6 transition metal dichalcogenide nanomaterials: synthesis, applications and future perspectives

Morasae Samadi, Navid Sarikhani, Mohammad Zirak, Hua Zhang, Hao-Li Zhang and Alireza Z. Moshfegh

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, 3, 90-204




Nanoscale membrane architecture of healthy and pathological red blood cells

Andra C. Dumitru, Mégane A. Poncin, Louise Conrard, Yves F. Dufrêne, Donatienne Tyteca and David Alsteens

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, 3, 293-304


Visible light active nanofibrous membrane for antibacterial wound dressing

Shuai Jiang, Beatriz Chiyin Ma, Wei Huang, Anke Kaltbeitzel, Gönül Kizisavas, Daniel Crespy, Kai A. I. Zhang and Katharina Landfester

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018,  Advance Article


Improving analyte selectivity by post-assembly modification of metal–organic framework based photonic crystal sensors

A. von Mankowski, K. Szendrei-Temesi, C. Koschnick and B. V. Lotsch

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, Advance Article


Graphdiyne: a superior carbon additive to boost the activity of water oxidation catalysts

Panyong Kuang, Bicheng Zhu, Yuliang Li, Huibiao Liu, Jiaguo Yu and Ke Fan

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, 3, 317-326


Sliced graphene foam films for dual-functional wearable strain sensors and switches

Qingbin Zheng, Xu Liu, Hongru Xu, Ming-Shu Cheung, Yuk-Wa Choi, Hsing-Chih Huang, Ho-Yin Lei, Xi Shen, Zhenyu Wang, Ying Wu, Soo Young Kim and Jang-Kyo Kim

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, 3, 35-44


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