New Editorial Board members for Environmental Science: Nano

We are delighted to announce three new members are joining the Environmental Science: Nano Editorial Board!

Dr. Zhang Lin is a Professor in School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology. Her research group focuses on the crystal growth kinetics of nanoparticles and the relevant environmental applications. More specifically, she is interested in recycling of heavy metal from nanowaste, especially from industrial sludge or from nano-adsorbents after usage. She is also interested in studying the bio-mineralization processes of heavy metals by indigenous microorganism, the structure, properties, and transformation of biogenic nanoparticles.
Dr Jerome Rose is CNRS Senior Scientist at the CEREGE Laboratory and serves as adjunct faculty at Rice and Duke Universities (USA). His research focuses on the behaviour and toxicity of colloids and contaminants from laboratory to field scale. He is employing intensively synchrotron and Lab Xray-based techniques to study mechanisms at a molecular level. Since 2001 he has been involved in research on the environmental and health implications of nanotechnologies. His group determined the molecular and thermodynamic mechanisms responsible of the enhanced reactivity of iron nanoparticles smaller than 10 nm and discovered double wall Ge-imogolite nanotubes. More recently the team unravelled the environmental exposure level and mechanisms to nanoparticles from various commercial products by taking into account the various stages of their life cycle.
Nathalie Tufenkji earned the Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Yale University in 2005. She is presently Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill University where she holds the Tier I Canada Research Chair in Biocolloids and Surfaces. She works in the area of (bio)colloid-surface interactions with applications in protection of water resources, antimicrobial materials, and sustainable nanotechnologies for use in environmental remediation, agriculture and medicine.

Read some of the high-impact research published in Environmental Science: Nano by our new Editorial Board members below:

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii displays aversive swimming response to silver nanoparticles
Michael R. Mitzel, Nicholas Lin, Joann K. Whalen and Nathalie Tufenkji

Enhanced removal of roxarsone by Fe3O4@3D graphene nanocomposites: synergistic adsorption and mechanism
Chen Tian, Jian Zhao, Jing Zhang, Shengqi Chu, Zhi Dang, Zhang Lin and Baoshan Xing

Structural and physical–chemical behavior of a CeOnanoparticle based diesel additive during combustion and environmental release
M. Auffan, M. Tella, W. Liu, A. Pariat, M. Cabié, D. Borschneck, B. Angeletti, G. Landrot, C. Mouneyrac, L. Giambérini and J. Rose

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