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Success of 5th ChemComm Symposium in Lanzhou University and Nankai University

The 5th ChemComm Symposium was successfully held in Lanzhou University and Nankai University. The symposium was held in Lanzhou University on 18th May 2011. Professor Yongqiang Tu, academician, CAS opened the event and chaired the first session of the symposium. There were over 400 attendees at the symposium. The symposium was organized by the RSC, Professor Yongqiang Tu and Professor Wei Wang. They told Dr Daping Zhang that this was the first time to hold this famous event in the west of China. Lanzhou University appreciates that tjhe RSC flagship journal, ChemComm, chose Lanzhou as one of the events due to geographical reasons.

Professor Qiling Zhou, academician, CAS opened the symposium in Nankai University which is celebrating its chemistry 90th birthday at the same time on 20th June 2011. RSC takes this opportunity to boost ChemComm in Nankai and co-celebrates Nankai chemistry birthday.

Further information can be found via RSC Events, and you can also read Dr Robert Eagling’s report on the event via the ChemComm blog.


第五届英国皇家化学会旗舰期刊‘化学通讯’研讨会在兰州大学和南开大学成功举行. 2011年5月18日涂永强院士在兰州大学宣布研讨会开幕并主持第一部分研讨。有超过400的与会人员参加了这次高水平的会议。在兰州大学举行的研讨会,由涂永强教授和王为教授连同英国皇家化学会联合主办。涂永强教授和王为教授告诉英国皇家化学会中国区出版人张大平博士,英国皇家化学会的旗舰期刊能在兰州大学举行研讨会是对兰州大学高水平化学研究的肯定,同时也是在积极的促进西北地区科学研究的发展。是一件可喜可贺的事情。



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