HOT- Novel regio- and chemoselective C–H oxygenation

In this HOT article, Rao and co-workers report a novel Rh(II) and Ru(II) catalysed regio- and chemoselective C-H oxygenation for the facile synthesis of a variety of functionalised phenols from easily accessible arenes. The reaction demonstrates excellent reactivity, ortho-selectivity, good functional group tolerance and high yields. This practical method allowed the synthesis of a few 2-acylphenols in gram-scale and its utility has been well exemplified in further applications in heterocycle synthesis and direct modification of drug Fenofibrate.

Rh(II) or Ru(II) catalyzed C–H oxygenation of aryl ketones for the facile synthesis of diverse functionalized phenols

Broadening the catalyst and reaction scope of region- and chemoselective C–H oxygenation: a convenient and scalable approach to 2-acylphenols by intriguing Rh(II) and Ru(II) catalysis
Gang Shan, Xuesong Han, Yun Lin, Shanyou Yu and Yu Rao
DOI: 10.1039/C3OB27457H

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