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Natural Products in OBC

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, our sister journal, publishes many articles that cover natural product chemistry.

We will try to keep you updated, although the safest bet is for you to sign up to OBC’s e-alert (free service) and receive the table of content directly in your inbox every time an issue is published.

The latest natural products’ related articles from OBC issue 9 have been collated here:

Studies of the H–D exchange mechanism of malonganenone B
Peter G. K. Clark, Matthias Lein and Robert A. Keyzers

Unexpected enzyme-catalyzed regioselective acylation of flavonoid aglycones and rapid product screening
Eleni Kyriakou, Alexandra Primikyri, Pantelis Charisiadis, Maria Katsoura, Ioannis P. Gerothanassis, Haralambos Stamatis and Andreas G. Tzakos

Total synthesis of a cuticular hydrocarbon from the cane beetle Antitrogus parvulus: confirmation of the relative stereochemistry
Norazah B. Basar, Hao Liu, Devendra Negi, Hasnah M. Sirat, Gareth A. Morris and Eric J. Thomas

An iterative Shimizu non-aldol approach for the stereoselective synthesis of C13-C22 fragment of callystatin A
Sandip A. Pujari and Krishna P. Kaliappan

Organocatalytic stereoselective synthesis of passifloricin A
Pradeep Kumar, Menaka Pandey, Priti Gupta and Dilip D. Dhavale

Stereocontrolled asymmetric synthesis of syn-E-1,4-diol-2-enes using allyl boronates and its application in the total synthesis of solandelactone F
Anna Robinson and Varinder K. Aggarwal

Enantioselective synthesis of the carbocyclic nucleoside (−)-abacavir
Grant A. Boyle, Christopher D. Edlin, Yongfeng Li, Dennis C. Liotta, Garreth L. Morgans and Chitalu C. Musonda


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