Highlights from Materials Horizons so far in 2018





We are delighted to see the support from the community as you continue to contribute outstanding articles showcasing new concepts of exceptional significance to the materials science readership.

To celebrate the materials science community’s excellent work, we have picked out some content highlights for 2018 so far, which we would like to share with you. All articles are free to access until the end of June – we hope you enjoy reading them.



Photocatalytic fixation of nitrogen to ammonia: state-of-the-art advancements and future prospects

Xingzhu Chen, Neng Li, Zhouzhou Kong, Wee-Jun Ong and Xiujian Zhao

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 9-27


Metal–organic framework-derived one-dimensional porous or hollow carbon-based nanofibers for energy storage and conversion

Chaohai Wang, Yusuf Valentino Kaneti, Yoshio Bando, Jianjian Lin, Chao Liu, Jiansheng Li and Yusuke Yamauchi

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 394-407





Photoelectrochemical response of carbon dots (CDs) derived from chitosan and their use in electrochemical imaging

De-Wen Zhang, Nikolaos Papaioannou, Naomi Michelle David, Hui Luo, Hui Gao, Liviu Cristian Tanase, Thibault Degousée, Paolo Samorì, Andrei Sapelkin, Oliver Fenwick, Maria-Magdalena Titirici and Steffi Krause

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 423-428


An alternative route to single ion conductivity using multi-ionic salts

Sumanth Chereddy, Parameswara Rao Chinnam, Vijay Chatare, Stephen Patrick diLuzio, Mallory P. Gobet, Steven G. Greenbaum and Stephanie L. Wunder

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 461-473


Translation of protein charge and hydrophilicity to materials surface properties using thermal treatment in fluorous media

Li-Sheng Wang, Sanjana Gopalakrishnan, Yi-Wei Lee, Jiaxin Zhu, Stephen S. Nonnenmann and Vincent M. Rotello

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 268-274


Band engineering in Mg3Sb2 by alloying with Mg3Bi2 for enhanced thermoelectric performance

Kazuki Imasato, Stephen Dongmin Kang, Saneyuki Ohno and G. Jeffrey Snyder

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 59-64


Janus DNA orthogonal adsorption of graphene oxide and metal oxide nanoparticles enabling stable sensing in serum

Biwu Liu, Lingzi Ma, Zhicheng Huang, Hao Hu, Peng Wu and Juewen Liu

Materials Horiz., 2018, 5, 65-69



At Materials Horizons, our reviewing standards are set extremely high to ensure we only publish first reports of new concepts across the breadth of materials research. Our impact factor of 10.706* is testament to the exceptionally significant work of our community.

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