MedChemComm Issue 3 is here

Welcome to MedChemComm Issue 3!

In this new issue, you’ll find a new collection of exciting papers on medicinal chemistry research, which you can download for free!

This month’s menu includes:

The importance of solvation in the design of ligands targeting membrane proteins

Repairing faulty genes by aminoglycosides: Identification of new pharmacophore with enhanced suppression of disease-causing nonsense mutations

Synthesis and anti HSV-1 evaluation of novel indole-3,4-diones

Novel indolizine compounds as potent inhibitors of phosphodiesterase IV (PDE4): structure–activity relationship

Scaffold-hopping from aminoglycosides to small synthetic inhibitors of bacterial protein biosynthesis using a pseudoreceptor model

The discovery of a novel prototype small molecule TLR7 agonist for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection

Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel ferrocenyl curcuminoid derivatives

Interactions of polysulfanes with components of red blood cells

Structure-based design, synthesis, and profiling of potent and selective neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) inhibitors with an amidinothiophene hydroxypiperidine scaffold

Carba-LNA modified siRNAs targeting HIV-1 TAR region downregulate HIV-1 replication successfully with enhanced potency

That is a great selection, isn’t it? We hope you enjoy it and you find it enlightening.

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