Ultrasound test echos with battery charge

Measuring the charge within a battery can often involve the use of expensive equipment such as synchrotron light sources, which are not accessible to all researchers. However, scientists at Princeton University lead by Dr Daniel Steingart have developed a method of using ultrasound echoes to measure charge within a battery at different times, giving physical insight into a battery’s state. This ultrasomic imaging of what is happening inside a cell could prove to be useful commercially.

Want to know more?

Read the full article in Chemistry World by Osman Mohamed.

Or, take a look at the original article which is free to access untill 2nd June 2015:

Electrochemical-acoustic time of flight: in operando correlation of physical dynamics with battery charge and health by A. G. Hsieh, S. Bhadra, B. J. Hertzberg,  P. J. Gjeltema, A. Goy,  J. W. Fleischer and  D. A. Steingart, DOI: 10.1039/C5EE00111K.

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