HOT Articles in EES

The following HOT articles have been highlighted by the reviewers of the articles as being particularly interesting or significant pieces of research. These are all free to access until 15/05/2015. The order they appear in the list has no meaning or ranking.

Positive onset potential and stability of Cu2O-based photocathodes in water splitting by atomic layer deposition of a Ga2O3 buffer layer
Changli Li, Takashi Hisatomi, Osamu Watanabe, Mamiko Nakabayashi, Naoya Shibata, Kazunari Domen and Jean-Jacques Delaunay
DOI: 10.1039/C5EE00250H, Paper

C5EE00250H GA

Toward the rational design of non-precious transition metal oxides for oxygen electrocatalysis
Wesley T. Hong, Marcel Risch, Kelsey A. Stoerzinger, Alexis Grimaud, Jin Suntivich and Yang Shao-Horn
DOI: 10.1039/C4EE03869J, Review Article

C4EE03869J GA

Tracking the structural arrangement of ions in carbon supercapacitor nanopores using in situ small-angle X-ray scattering
C. Prehal, D. Weingarth, E. Perre, R. T. Lechner, H. Amenitsch, O. Paris and V. Presser
Journal Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5EE00488H, Paper

C5EE00488H GA

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