Dalton Transactions Symposia: Advancing Inorganic Chemistry

In November Dalton Transactions is holding a series of symposia on the theme of Advancing Inorganic Chemistry. These one-day meetings will be held in three different cities – Tianjin, Nanjing, and Shanghai  – and feature presentations on the cutting edge of inorganic chemistry by leading researchers from around the world.

Richard Layfield (University of Sussex, UK), Nils Metzler-Nolte (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany), Sascha Ott (Uppsala University, Sweden), and Christine Thomas (The Ohio State University, USA) will be joined by Guanqun Song (RSC Editorial Development Manager – Beijing) and Andrew Shore (Executive Editor – Dalton Transactions) as well leading researchers from the host cities.

The symposia give anyone with an interest in inorganic chemistry the opportunity to speak to leading researchers in the field as well as RSC editorial staff. There will also be poster sessions, giving early career researchers the chance to discuss their research in a relaxed setting.

We’ve put together a web collection of recent papers in Dalton Transactions by speakers and hosts at these events, or see below for more details and links to the registration pages for each event.


November 26th:TianjinREGISTER HERE

Hosted by Xianhe Bu (Nankai University) and featuring Chunming Cui (崔春明) (Nankai University), Yi Ding (丁轶) (Tianjin University of Technology), Lingdong Sun (孙聆东) (Peking University) and Ruqiang Zou (邹如强) (Peking University).


November 28th:Nanjing REGISTER HERE

Hosted by Jinglin Zuo (Nanjing University) and featuring Jian-Ping Lang (郎建平) (Soochow University), Ming-Liang Tong (童明良) (Sun Yat-Sen University), Hai-Long Jiang (江海龙) (University of Science and Technology of China), and Jing Zhao (赵劲) (Nanjing University). 


November 30th:ShanghaiREGISTER HERE

Hosted by Dalton Transactions Associated Editor Guo-Xin Jin (Fudan University) and featuring  Qiaowei Li (李巧伟) (Fudan University), Yingfeng Han (韩英锋) (Northwest University), Chi Zhang (张弛) (Tongji University), and Yong Cui (崔勇) (Shanghai Jiao Tong University).




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