Persistently luminescent: long lasting phosphor MOF

Novel Metal Organic Framework Showing Persistent Luminescence

In recent years, metal organic frameworks (MOFs) have received a great deal of research interest due to their application for gas storage, catalysis and for use as sensors. By choosing different metals and organic linkers, the pore shape and size can be tuned for one’s particular need.

In this article, Yue-ying Ching and colleagues have reported a MOF which has green persistent luminescence. To the researchers’ knowledge, persistent luminescence has not been reported in MOF’s before. The luminescence lasts for about 1 second which means that this material can be classed as a long lasting phosphor (LLP). LLPs have decay times of seconds, minutes and in some cases hours making them useful for LEDs and emergency lighting, amongst others.

The preparation of conventional LLPs requires extreme reaction conditions (temperatures of at least 1000ºC!). This new MOF was synthesized using solvothermal conditions at 115ºC. This work provides an exciting new route towards LLPs, without the need for co-dopants or extreme synthesis conditions.

To find out more, download the article now….

Promising long-lasting phosphor material: a novel metal–organic framework showing intriguing luminescent performance
Feng Luo, Gong-Ming Sun, An-min Zheng, Shi-xun Lian, Ying-liang Liu, Xue Feng Feng and Yue-ying Chu.

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