Hot Article: New silver complexes

In this Dalton Transactions Hot Article, Graham Bowmaker from the University of Auckland and colleagues, synthesised three new disilver(I) carbonate/tertiary phosphine complexes.

Solution and mechanochemical methods were used. The use of the mechanochemical synthesis demonstrates an additional aspect of this type of method. The study also demonstrates the value of ATR IR and CPMAS NMR for monitoring the progress of mechanochemical synthesis.

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Solution and mechanochemical syntheses, and spectroscopic and structural studies in the silver(I) (bi-)carbonate: triphenylphosphine system
Graham A. Bowmaker, Effendy, John V. Hanna, Peter C. Healy, Scott P. King, Claudio Pettinari, Brian W. Skelton and Allan H. White
Dalton Trans., 2011, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C1DT10416K, Paper

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