Hot Article: Probing photomagnetic materials

In this Dalton Transactions Hot Article, Maria-Angels Carvajal and colleagues probe the photomagnetic properties of a copper octacyanomolybdate complex using high level ab initio calculations.

The authors describe in detail the photomagnetic process arising from a local Mo d-d excitation in the complex. They also show that there is a small energy barrier for the reverse reaction and that it can be induced by light. They also investigate the temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility and compare it with experimental values.

Photomagnetic materials are of interest as candidates for use in memory devices and optical switches.

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Insights on the photomagnetism in copper octacyanomolybdates
Maria-Angels Carvajal, Rosa Caballol and Coen de Graaf
Dalton Trans., 2011, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C1DT10120J, Paper

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