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#RSCPoster 2018: And the Winners are…

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 #RSCPoster Twitter Conference.

For the past three years, the Royal Society of Chemistry has hosted a Twitter poster conference, inviting participants to submit posters on Twitter based on their research in the chemical sciences. These poster conferences, the first of their kind, allowed people all over the world and at all stages of their careers to present their work and network with other chemists without having to travel.

This year, people from all across the globe participated in the Twitter poster conference, achieving 1,912 contributors, 6,715 Tweets, an audience of 2,019,127 and 10,267,097 total impressions! This means that the conference was an even greater success than Last year, where there were 1,650 contributors and 6,473 tweets.

And the winners are…

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 event, as selected by our fantastic committee chairs. A full list of all the subject chairs is available at and at the end of this post.


Analytical – #RSCAnalytical 1st Prize:

Maria Sánchez-Purrà

2nd Prize:

Darya Mozhayeva

Chemical Biology – #RSCChemBio 1st Prize:

Jeffrey Mak

2nd Prize:

Agnese Solari

Chemistry Education – #RSCEdu Primary/Secondary:

David Paterson


Katherine Haxton

Engineering – #RSCEng 1st Prize:

Nicole Neyt

2nd Prize:

Marcin  Drop

Environmental – #RSCEnv 1st Prize:

Maxim Galkin

2nd Prize:

Aryeh Feinberg

Inorganic – #RSCInorg 1st Prize:

Timothy Barendt

2nd Prize:

Miguel Chacon

Materials – #RSCMat 1st Prize:

Luke Wilkinson

2nd Prize:

Marion Roullet

Nanoscience – #RSCNano 1st Prize:

Alexandra Gellé

2nd Prize:

Jennifer Gracie

Organic – #RSCOrg 1st Prize:

Jesús San José

2nd Prize:

Hannes  P. L. Gemoets

Physical – #RSCPhys 1st Prize:

Mario González Jiménez

2nd Prize:

Elaine Kelly


All the winners of the first prizes and the two winners in the Chemistry Education category, received £100 and the winners of the second prizes were given a £50 Royal Society of Chemistry book voucher.

We also had a special audience participation prize for the poster that received the most re-tweets during the event. Congratulations to Jo-Han Ng, whose poster Creative and Playful Learning of Chemistry Through the Use of a Green Technology Escape Room received a massive 452 retweets! Jo-Han Ng won a copy of The Case of the Poisonous Socks by William H. Brock.

Well done to all of our winners! The competition was very fierce with more participants than ever before!

Thanks to everyone who took part and made the fourth #RSCPoster Conference such a huge success and a special thanks to our Scientific Committee and all our subject chairs for all their help and support.

Conference Organisers and Committee

Conference Organisers

Royal Society of Chemistry

Matt Baker, University of Strathclyde, UK @ChemistryBaker

Edward Randviir, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK @EdwardRandviir.

Subject Chairs

#RSCAnalytical Roy Goodacre, University of Manchester @RoyGoodacre
Martín Resano, University of Zaragoza @MartinResano
#RSCChemBio Michael Johnson, University of Arizona @blacksciblog
Marloes Peeters, Manchester Metropolitan University @peeters_marloes
#RSCEdu Claire McDonnell, Dublin Institute of Technology @clairemcdonndit
Kristy Turner, University of Manchester @doc_kristy
#RSCEnv Peter Vikesland, Virginia Tech @petervikesland
Nadine Borduas, ETH Zürich @nadineborduas
David Megson, Manchester Metropolitan University
#RSCInorg Rebecca Melen, Cardiff University @rebecca_melen
 Charlie O’Hara, University of Strathclyde @oharalab
 #RSCMat  Athina Anastasaki, UC Santa Barbara @AthinaAnastasa1
 Chris Foster, Manchester Metropolitan University  @cwfoster90
 #RSCNano  Gemma-Louise Davies, University of Warwick  @GemmaLouDavies
 Karen Faulds, University of Strathclyde  @FauldsKaren
 #RSCOrg  Ryan Mewis, Manchester Metropolitan University  @RyanMewis
 David Nelson, University of Strathclyde  @TheNelsonGroup
 #RSCPhys  Brian Wagner, University of Prince Edward Island  @DrummerBoy2112
 Lars Goerigk, University of Melbourne  @lgoer_compchem
 #RSCEng  Mark Olson, Tianjin University  @MARK_A_OLSON
 Tim Noël, Eindhoven University of Technology @NoelGroupTUE

Scientific Committee

Fraser Stoddart, Northwestern University @sirfrasersays
Zoë Ayres, University of Warwick @ZJAyres
Perdita Barran, University of Manchester @PerditaB
James Batteas, Texas A&M University @jamesbatteas
Gonçalo Bernardes, University of Cambridge @gbernardes_chem
Margaret Brimble, University of Auckland @BrimbleM
Holly Butler, University of Strathclyde @HollehButler
Simon Lewis, Curtin University @SimonWLewis
Jean-François Masson, University of Montreal @Masson_chem
Warren Piers, University of Calgary @wpiers1
Michael Seery, University of Edinburgh     @seerymk
Nick Stone, University of Exeter     @profnickstone
Marcel Swart, University of Girona     @Marcel_Swart
Renée Webster, Monash University     @reneewebs
Doug MacFarlane, Monash University     @DRMacFarlane
Damien Arrigan, Curtin University     @arri_aus
Neil Keddie, University of St Andrews     @theyakman
Yonatan Calahorra, University of Cambridge     @YonCalahorra



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