Celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Royal Australian Chemical Institute

From the RACI President

In July 1916, David Orme Masson and Charles Edward Fawsitt convened a meeting of leading chemists in Sydney to support the formation of an Australian national body for chemists. Six months later a draft constitution in the five mainland states was established. Inaugural meetings were held in September 1917 by state branches in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. These state branches, coordinated by a central council, became the Australian Chemical Institute (ACI), with 237 founding members. The Institute received its Royal Charter in 1932, becoming the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).

The RACI is now 100 years old and it has come a long way since its inception. There are now eight state and territorial branches and 14 Divisions (sub-disciplinary entities) comprising the Institute.

2017 will be a big year for the RACI. The highlight of the year will be the Centenary Congress to be held in Melbourne 23rd to 28th July 2017. This will be the largest chemistry conference organized in Australia and brings together all Divisions of the RACI, plus nine other major International conferences. The logistics for this conference are astounding, around 3000 attendees and well in excess of 3000 abstracts, both records for our National Congress.

Contemporary life is very complex, but the RACI remains the dedicated qualifying body for professional chemists promoting the chemical sciences. The RACI is dynamic and responsive to the emerging needs of the profession and the community.

The 100th birthday of the RACI provides a great opportunity to illustrate its origins and core membership activities, and to describe the views of its members and the impact of chemistry and chemical technology on our world.

Since 1917 there have been major inputs from members of the RACI towards advancement of knowledge, education, applications and promotion of chemistry. The collection of chemists compiled here by the Royal Society of Chemistry allows the opportunity for readers to explore these talented scientists’ achievements.

Professor Peter Junk
President, RACI

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Spanning more than 100 years, the cross-journal collection features 100 articles that highlight the excellence and breadth of research achievements across the chemical sciences, and it includes contributions from Royal Society of Chemistry authors with close connections to the RACI, as well as a small selection of highly-cited articles from the journal PCCP, for which the RACI is a co-owning society.

The collection includes the authors:

Adrien Albert  Janice R. Aldrich-Wright  Herman S. Bachelard  G. M. Badger 
Martin G. Banwell  Amanda Barnard  Christopher Barner-Kowollik  Stuart R. Batten 
Noel S. Bayliss  Athelstan Beckwith  Martin A. Bennett  Paul Bernhardt 
Suresh K. Bhargava  Arthur J. Birch  Stephen J. Blanksby  Alan M. Bond
Brice Bosnich  John H. Bowie  Cyrille Boyer  Michael Breadmore 
Desmond Joseph Brown  Ronald D. Brown  Mark A. Buntine  Frank Caruso 
Rachel Caruso  Andrew Reginald Howard Cole  Michelle L. Coote  John W. Cornforth 
Maxwell J. Crossley  Deanna M D’Alessandro  Tom Davis  Glen B. Deacon 
Christian Doonan  Calum J. Drummond  Francis P. J. Dwyer  Charles Edward Fawsitt  
Leslie D. Field  Neil M. Galbraith  M. G. Gardiner  Ken Ghiggino 
Justin Gooding  Paul R. Haddad  Ernst Johannes Hartung  Thomas Healy 
Milton Hearn  Erich Heymann  Andrew B. Holmes  Mark G. Humphrey 
W. Roy Jackson  Graham A. R. Johnston  Thomas Gilbert Henry Jones  Cameron Jones 
Denis O. Jordan  Peter C. Junk  Cameron J. Kepert  Frank P. Larkins 
Leonard F. Lindoy  Andrew B. Lowe  Joseph W. H. Lugg  David Lupton 
Philip John Marriott  Raymond L. Martin  Thomas Maschmeyer  David Orme Masson 
Paul T. Mulvaney  Keith S. Murray  James H. O’Donnell  Anthony O’Mullane 
Richard J. Payne  Sebastien Perrier  Jason R. Price  Shizhang Qiao 
Leo Radom  Colin Llewellyn Raston  Edward Henry Rennie  Albert Cherbury David Rivett 
Mark Rizzacasa  Ezio Rizzardo  Richard Robson  Alan M. Sargeson 
Joe Shapter  Sean C. Smith  L. E. Smythe  David H Solomon 
Mark Spackman  Leone Spiccia  Thomas H. Spurling  David St. Claire Black 
Martina Stenzel  Robin H. Stokes  K. L. Sutherland  Thomas Baikie Swanson 
T. David Waite  Gordon G. Wallace  Anthony G. Wedd  Bruce O. West 
John White  Allan H. White 
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