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Analytical chemistry

Self-cleaning properties in engineered sensors for dopamine electroanalytical detection

Guido Soliveri,ab Valentina Pifferi,ab Guido Panzarasa,c Silvia Ardizzone,ab Giuseppe Cappelletti,ab Daniela Meroni,ab Katia Sparnaccic and Luigi Falciola*ab

Published in Analyst, Jan 2015 – Paper

A dual-response BODIPY-based fluorescent probe for the discrimination of glutathione from cystein and homocystein

Feiyi Wang,a Li Zhou,b Chunchang Zhao,*a Rui Wang,b Qiang Fei,a Sihang Luo,a Zhiqian Guo,a He Tiana and Wei-Hong Zhu*a

Published in Chemical Science, Jan 2015 – Edge Article

Metal-Amplified Density Assays, (MADAs), including a Density-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (DeLISA)

Anand Bala Subramaniam,a Mathieu Gonidec,a Nathan D. Shapiro,a Kayleigh M. Kressea and George M. Whitesides*abc

Published in Lab on a Chip, Dec 2014 – Paper

Exploring new dimensions in cadaveric decomposition odour analysis

P.-H. Stefanuto,*a K. A. Perrault,b R. M. Lloyd,c B. Stuart,b T. Rai,d S. L. Forbesb and J.-F. Focanta

Published in Analytical Methods, Feb 2015 – Communication

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Biological chemistry

Kinetics of polymer looping with macromolecular crowding: effects of volume fraction and crowder size

Jaeoh Shin,a Andrey G. Cherstvya and Ralf Metzler*ab

Published in Soft Matter, Oct 2014 – Paper

Cancer stem cells: small subpopulation or evolving fraction?

Heiko Enderlinga

Published in Integrative Biology, Oct 2014 – Review

Toward organic electronics with properties inspired by biological tissue

Timothy F. O’Connor,a Kirtana M. Rajan,a Adam D. Printza and Darren J. Lipomi*a

Published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B, Feb 2015 – Highlight

Marine natural products

John W. Blunt,*a Brent R. Copp,b Robert A. Keyzers,c Murray H. G. Munroa and Michèle R. Prinsepd

Published in Natural Product Reports, Jan 2014 – Review

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Direct catalytic conversion of cellulose to liquid straight-chain alkanes

Beau Op de Beeck,a Michiel Dusselier,ac Jan Geboers,a Jensen Holsbeek,a Eline Morré,a Steffen Oswald,b Lars Giebelerb and Bert F. Sels*a

Published in Energy & Environmental Science, Sep 2014 – Paper

Transition metal-catalyzed direct nucleophilic addition of C–H bonds to carbon–heteroatom double bonds

Xi-Sha Zhang,a Kang Chena and   Zhang-Jie Shi*abc

Published in Chemical Science, Jan 2014 – Minireview

Anatomy of gold catalysts: facts and myths

Beatrice Ranieri,a Imma Escofeta and Antonio M. Echavarren*ab

Published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, May 2015 – Review

Development of a PtSn bimetallic catalyst for direct fuel cells using bio-butanol fuel

V. K. Puthiyapura,a D. J. L. Brett,b A. E. Russell,c W. F. Lin*a and C. Hardacre*a

Published in ChemComm, Jul 2015 – Communication

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Chemical biology & medicinal

Zinc isotopic compositions of breast cancer tissue

Fiona Larner,*ab Laura N. Woodley,c Sami Shousha,d Ashley Moyes,e Emma Humphreys-Williams,f Stanislav Strekopytov,f Alex N. Halliday,a Mark Rehkämperbf and R. Charles Coombesg

Published in Metallomics, Dec 2014 – Paper

Selective glycoprotein detection through covalent templating and allosteric click-imprinting

Alexander Stephenson-Brown,a Aaron L. Acton,a Jon A. Preece,b John S. Fossey*b and Paula M. Mendes*a

Published in Chemical Science, Jun 2015 – Paper

Structure-based virtual screening for fragment-like ligands of the G protein-coupled histamine H4 receptor

Enade P. Istyastono,ab Albert J. Kooistra,a Henry F. Vischer,a Martien Kuijer,a Luc Roumen,a Saskia Nijmeijer,a Rogier A. Smits,c Iwan J. P. de Esch,a Rob Leursa and Chris de Graaf*a

Published in MedChemComm, Mar 2015 – Article

The potential of nanoparticles for the immunization against viral infections

Viktoriya Sokolova,a Astrid Maria Westendorf,b Jan Buer,b Klaus Überlac and Matthias Epple*a

Published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B, May 2015 – Review

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Does it have to be carbon? Metal anodes in microbial fuel cells and related bioelectrochemical systems

André Baudler,a Igor Schmidt,a Markus Langner,b Andreas Greiner*b and Uwe Schröder*a

Published in Energy & Environmental Science, May 2015 – Paper

Aqueous dye-sensitized solar cells

Federico Bella,*a Claudio Gerbaldi,a Claudia Barolob and Michael Grätzel*c

Published in Chemical Society Reviews, Apr 2015 – Review

Semi-crystalline photovoltaic polymers with efficiency exceeding 9% in a ∼300 nm thick conventional single-cell device

T. L. Nguyen,a H. Choi,b S.-J. Ko,b M. A. Uddin,a B. Walker,b S. Yum,a J.-E. Jeong,a M. H. Yun,b T. J. Shin,c S. Hwang,a J. Y. Kim*b and H. Y. Woo*a

Published in Energy & Environmental Science, Jun 2014 – Paper

High open-circuit voltage small-molecule p-DTS(FBTTh2)2:ICBA bulk heterojunction solar cells – morphology, excited-state dynamics, and photovoltaic performance

Aung Ko Ko Kyaw,a Dominik Gehrig,b Jie Zhang,a Ye Huang,c Guillermo C. Bazan,c Frédéric Laquai*b and  Thuc-Quyen Nguyen*c

Published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Nov 2014 – Paper

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Rare-earth recycling using a functionalized ionic liquid for the selective dissolution and revalorization of Y2O3:Eu3+ from lamp phosphor waste

David Duponta and Koen Binnemans*a

Published in Green Chemistry, Nov 2014 – Paper

Towards a holistic approach to metrics for the 21st century pharmaceutical industry

C. Robert McElroy,a Andri Constantinou,a Leonie C. Jones,a Louise Summertona and   James H. Clark*a

Published in Green Chemistry, Mar 2015 – Paper

Catalytic nanomotors for environmental monitoring and water remediation

Lluís Solera and   Samuel Sánchez*a

Published in Nanoscale, Apr 2014 – Minireview

Plasmonic colorimetric and SERS sensors for environmental analysis

Haoran Wei,abc Seyyed M. Hossein Abtahiabc and Peter J. Vikesland*abc

Published in Environmental Science: Nano, Mar 2015 – Review

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Variations in caffeine and chlorogenic acid contents of coffees: what are we drinking?

Iziar A. Ludwig,a Pedro Mena,b Luca Calani,b Concepción Cid,c Daniele Del Rio,b Michael E. J. Leand and Alan Crozier*a

Published in Food & Function, Jun 2014 – Paper

Corrin-based chemosensors for the ASSURED detection of endogenous cyanide

Felix Zelder*a and Lucas Tivana*b

Published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Oct 2014 – Perspective

Discrimination between lectins with similar specificities by ratiometric profiling of binding to glycosylated surfaces; a chemical ‘tongue’ approach

L. Ottena and M. I. Gibson*a

Published in RSC Advances, Jun 2015 – Communication

Food derived microRNAs

Anika E. Wagner,*a Stefanie Piegholdt,a Martin Ferraro,a Kathrin Pallaufa and Gerald Rimbacha

Published in Food & Function, Jan 2015 – Review

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Unprecedented silicon(II)→calcium complexes with N-heterocyclic silylenes

Burgert Blom,*a Günter Klatt,b Daniel Gallego,a Gengwen Tana and Matthias Driess*a

Published in Dalton Transactions, Nov 2014 – Pape

Metal organic framework synthesis in the presence of surfactants: towards hierarchical MOFs?

B. Seoane,*a A. Dikhtiarenko,a A. Mayoral,bc C. Tellez,b J. Coronas,b F. Kapteijna and J. Gascon*a

Published in CrystEngComm, Jan 2015 – Paper

Effect of high pressure on the crystal structure and charge transport properties of the (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)(4-iodophenyl)borinic 8-oxyquinolinate complex

Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman,*ab Simon Parsons,c Janusz Serwatowskia and Krzysztof Woźniakb

Published in CrystEngComm, Oct 2014 – Paper

Synthesis of CuInS2 nanocrystals from a molecular complex – characterization of the orthorhombic domain structure

Jorge L. Cholula-Díaz,a Gerald Wagner,b Dirk Friedrich,a Oliver Oecklerb and Harald Krautscheid*a

Published in Dalton Transactions, May 2015 – Paper

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Liquid marbles: topical context within soft matter and recent progress

G. McHale*a and M. I. Newtonb

Published in Soft Matter, Feb 2015 – Review

Thermoresponsive polyelectrolytes derived from ionic liquids

Yuki Kohno,ab Shohei Saita,bc Yongjun Men,d Jiayin Yuan*e and Hiroyuki Ohno*bc

Published in Polymer Chemistry, Jan 2015 – Review

Extremely tough composites from fabric reinforced polyampholyte hydrogels

Daniel R. King,a Tao Lin Sun,b Yiwan Huang,c Takayuki Kurokawa,b Takayuki Nonoyama,b Alfred J. Crosby*a and Jian Ping Gong*b

Published in Materials Horizons, Aug 2015 – Communication

Microstructure replication of complex biostructures via poly(ionic liquid)-assisted carbonization

Martina Ambrogi,a Karoline Täuber,a Markus Antoniettia and  Jiayin Yuan*a

Published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Feb 2015 – Communication

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Science and technology roadmap for graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems

Andrea C. Ferrari,*a Francesco Bonaccorso,ab Vladimir Fal’ko,c Konstantin S. Novoselov,d Stephan Roche,ef Peter Bøggild,g Stefano Borini,h Frank H. L. Koppens,i Vincenzo Palermo,j Nicola Pugno,klm José A. Garrido,n Roman Sordan,o Alberto Bianco,p Laura Ballerini,q Maurizio Prato,r Elefterios Lidorikis,s Jani Kivioja,h Claudio Marinelli,t Tapani Ryhänen,h Alberto Morpurgo,u Jonathan N. Coleman,vw Valeria Nicolosi,vwx Luigi Colombo,y Albert Fert,zaa Mar Garcia-Hernandez,ab Adrian Bachtold,i Grégory F. Schneider,ac Francisco Guinea,ab Cees Dekker,ad Matteo Barbone,a Zhipei Sun,a Costas Galiotis,aeaf Alexander N. Grigorenko,d Gerasimos Konstantatos,i Andras Kis,ag Mikhail Katsnelson,ah Lieven Vandersypen,ad Annick Loiseau,ai Vittorio Morandi,aj Daniel Neumaier,ak Emanuele Treossi,j Vittorio Pellegrini,bal Marco Polini,al Alessandro Tredicucci,al Gareth M. Williams,am Byung Hee Hong,an Jong-Hyun Ahn,ao Jong Min Kim,ap Herbert Zirath,aq Bart J. van Wees,ar Herre van der Zant,ad Luigi Occhipinti,as Andrea Di Matteo,as Ian A. Kinloch,at Thomas Seyller,au Etienne Quesnel,av Xinliang Feng,aw Ken Teo,ax Nalin Rupesinghe,ax Pertti Hakonen,ay Simon R. T. Neil,az Quentin Tannock,az Tomas Löfwanderaq and Jari Kinaretba

Published in Nanoscale, Sep 2014 – Perspective

Nanostructuring graphene for controlled and reproducible functionalization

Kunal S. Mali,*a John Greenwood,a Jinne Adisoejoso,a Roald Phillipsona and Steven De Feyter*a

Published in Nanoscale, Jan 2015 – Feature

Pd-complex driven formation of single-chain nanoparticles

Johannes Willenbacher,ab Ozcan Altintas,ab Vanessa Trouillet,c Nicolai Knöfel,d Michael J. Monteiro,e Peter W. Roesky*d and Christopher Barner-Kowollik*ab

Published in Polymer Chemistry, Apr 2015 – Paper

Self-assembly of “patchy” nanoparticles: a versatile approach to functional hierarchical materials

David J. Lunn,a John R. Finnegana and Ian Manners*a

Published in Chemical Science, May 2015 – Perspective

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Huanqing Chen,a Jiazeng Fan,a Xiaoshi Hu,b Junwei Ma,a Shilu Wang,a Jian Li,a Yihua Yu,b Xueshun Jiaa and Chunju Li*ac

Published in Chemical Science, Sep 2014 – Edge Article

Self-assembly of cyclic polymers

Rebecca J. Williams,a Andrew P. Dove*a and Rachel K. O’Reilly*a

Published in Polymer Chemistry, Mar 2015 – Review

Cyclopropanation using flow-generated diazo compounds

Nuria M. Roda,a Duc N. Tran,a Claudio Battilocchio,a Ricardo Labes,a Richard J. Ingham,a Joel M. Hawkinsb and Steven V. Ley*a

Published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Jan 2015 – Communication

Templating carbohydrate-functionalised polymer-scaffolded dynamic combinatorial libraries with lectins

Clare S. Mahon,ab Martin A. Fascione,bc Chadamas Sakonsinsiri,b Tom E. McAllister,b W. Bruce Turnbullb and David A. Fulton*a

Published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Jan 2015 – Paper

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Spectroscopic and computational studies of nitrile hydratase: insights into geometric and electronic structure and the mechanism of amide synthesis

Kenneth M. Light,a Yasuaki Yamanaka,b Masafumi Odaka*b and Edward I. Solomon*a

Published in Chemical Science, Jul 2015 – Edge Article

Near-infrared-induced electron transfer of an uranyl macrocyclic complex without energy transfer to dioxygen

Christina M. Davis,a Kei Ohkubo,b I-Ting Ho,a Zhan Zhang,a Masatoshi Ishida,c Yuanyuan Fang,d Vincent M. Lynch,a Karl M. Kadish,*d Jonathan L. Sessler*a and Shunichi Fukuzumi*be

Published in ChemComm, Mar 2015 – Communication

A High-Spin Square-Planar Fe(II) Complex Stabilized by a Trianionic Pincer-Type Ligand and Conclusive Evidence for Retention of Geometry in Solution

M. E. Pascualini,a N. V. Di Russo,a A. E. Thuijs,a A. Ozarowski,b S. A. Stoian,b K. A. Abboud,a G. Christoua and A. S. Veige*a

Published in Chemical Science, Oct 2014 – Edge Article

Probing the energy levels in hole-doped molecular semiconductors

Stefanie Winkler,ab Patrick Amsalem,a Johannes Frisch,a Martin Oehzelt,ab Georg Heimel*a and Norbert Koch*ab

Published in Materials Horizons, May 2015 – Communication

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Variations in caffeine and chlorogenic acid contents of coffees: what are we drinking?
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