Outstanding Reviewers of 2021

The accuracy and quality of chemical science literature is only possible through the hard work of dedicated reviewers. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the peer review process this past year, and especially recognize those from the Americas selected as Outstanding Reviewers. These reviewers have been chosen based on the number, timeliness, and quality of reports completed over 2021.

For a full list of the Outstanding Reviewers of 2021 from over 130 countries, please click here.



Dr. Robert J. Meagher, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Dr. Zachary D. Schultz, The Ohio State University, USA
Dr. Rebecca Whelan, University of Notre Dame, USA


Analytical Methods

Dr. Thaísa Baldo, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil
Professor Eduardo Mathias Richter, Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil
Dr. Nirav Joshi, University of California, Berkely, USA


Biomaterials Science

Dr. Minglin Ma, Cornell University, USA


Catalysis Science & Technology

Dr. Guido Zichittella, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Chemical Science

Dr. Jennifer Brodbelt, University of Texas, USA
Professor Marcetta Darensbourg, Texas A&M University, USA
Dr. Jeremiah Gassensmith, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Dr. Kjell Jorner, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr. Caroline Proulx, North Carolina State University, USA
Dr. Samuel Sanders, Rowland Institute at Harvard, USA
Professor Natalia Shustova, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Chemical Science Reviews

Professor Eric Rivard, University of Alberta, Canada


Dalton Transactions

Dr. David Herbert, University of Manitoba, Canada


Environmental Science: Atmospheres

Dr. Yunle Chen, University of Rochester, USA
Dr. Bo Wang, Boston University, USA


Environmental Science: Nano

Dr. Stacey Louie, University of Houston, USA
Professor Nathalie Tufenkji, McGill University, Canada
Dr. Jason White, Connecticut Department of Public Health, USA


Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts

Dr. Ochan Otim, City of Los Angeles Environmental Monitoring, USA
Dr. Lauren Pincus, Princeton University, USA
Dr. Bryan Wong, University of California, Riverside, USA
Dr. Cora Young, York University, Canada


Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology

Dr. Lindsay Boehme, PowerTech Water, Inc., USA
Dr. Glen Daigger, University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Terese Olson, University of Michigan, USA


Food & Function

Dr. Brian Bandy, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr. Cesar Fraga, University of California, Davis, USA


Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

Dr. Thomas S. Teets, University of Houston, USA


JAAS (Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry)

Dr. Ryan Ickert, Purdue University, USA
Dr. Dirce Pozebon, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Dr. Ralph E Sturgeon, National Research Council Canada, Canada
Dr. Qianli Xie, Trent University, Canada


Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Dr. Lingping Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Shiru Lin, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
Dr. Meng Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Dr. Ying Chen, Cornell University, USA
Dr. Yan Han, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Dr. Ajeet K. Kaushik, Florida Polytechnic University, USA


Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Dr. Qianxiang Ai, Fordham University, USA
Dr. Eva Hemmer, Ottawa University, Canada
Dr. Zhiwei Li, University of California, Riverside, USA
Dr. Lea Nienhaus, Florida State University, USA
Dr. Seth Rasmussen, North Dakota State University, USA


Lab on a Chip

Dr. Feng Guo, Indiana University, USA
Dr. Mei He, University of Florida, USA
Dr. Boyang Zhang, McMaster University, Canada


Materials Advances

Dr. Michael Dickey, NC State University, USA


Materials Horizons

Dr. Alex Chortos, Harvard University, USA
Dr. Shu Yang, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Molecular Omics

Dr. Robert J. Brown, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Dr. Zixiang Fang, Washington University in St Louis, USA
Dr. Zichong Li, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Dr. Wenjing Peng, Texas Tech University, USA


MSDE (Molecular Systems Design & Engineering)

Dr. Sijia Dong, Northeastern University, USA
Dr. Yuriy Garbovskiy, Central Connecticut State University, USA
Dr. Pedro Trejo-Soto, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Dr. Michael Webb, Princeton University, USA



Dr. Andris Bakuzis, Universidade Federal de Goias Instituto de Fisica, Brazil
Dr. Benjamin Diroll, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Dr. Eva Hemmer, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Alyxandra Thiessen, University of Alberta, Canada
Professor Zhiqun Lin, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Tian-Yi Luo, Johns Hopkins University, USA


Nanoscale Advances

Dr. Jun Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Dr. Rui Yuan, PPG Industries, Inc., USA


Nanoscale Horizons

Dr. Riya Bose, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA


New Journal of Chemistry

Professor David Morales-Morales, Instituto de Química, UNAM, Mexico


Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

Dr. Terry McCallum, University of Ottowa, Canada
Dr. Yogesh G. Shelke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA


Organic Chemistry Frontiers

Dr. Xiaodong Shi, University of South Florida, USA


Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP)

Dr. Anwesa Karmakar, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Dr. Steven Kelley, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Dr. Dennis Salahub, University of Calgary, Canada
Dr. Carlos Torres-Torres, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico


Polymer Chemistry

Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz, University of Miami, USA
Dr. Jessica Lamb, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA


Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

Dr. Milad Abolhasani, North Carolina State University, USA
Dr. Varsha Jain, OpenEye Scientific Software, Inc, USA


RSC Advances

Dr. Gopi Adhikari, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Dr. Angel Bracamonte, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina
Dr. Narendar Reddy Gade, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Charles Gauthier, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Canada
Dr. Darrick Heyd, Ryerson University, Canada
Professor Teodoro Kaufman, Instituto de Quimica Rosario, Argentina
Dr. Thiago Lima, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil
Dr. Xin Liu, University of Florida, USA
Professor Angel Meléndez, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia
Dr. Yangguang Ou, University of Vermont, USA
Dr. Dane Scott, East Tennessee State University, USA
Dr. Leo Small, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Dr. David Thompson, Sam Houston State University, USA
Dr. Carlos Torres-Torres, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico
Dr. Rafael Vargas-Bernal, Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Irapuato, Mexico
Dr. Charuksha Walgama, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, USA
Dr. Renjie Wang, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Dr. Zhixin Wang, University of Florida, USA
Dr. Zhi Yue, The University of Chicago, USA
Dr. Xiao-Nan Zhang, California Southern University, USA


Soft Matter

Dr. Jacinta Conrad, University of Houston, USA
Dr. Laura Kaufman, Columbia University, USA
Dr. Ronald Larson, University of Michigan, USA

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