Emerging Investigator: Lingling Mao from Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Emerging Investigator: Lingling Mao

Position              Associate Professor

Postdoc             2018–2021  UC Santa Barbara

Education          2014–2018  Northwestern University (USA)      Ph.D.

                          2010–2014  Sun Yat-sen University (China)      B.Sc.

Group website    https://faculty.sustech.edu.cn/maoll/en/

ORCID                0000-0003-3166-8559

Read Lingling Mao’s Emerging Investigator Series article on Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers and learn more about her.

  “Breathing” organic cation to stabilize multiple structures in low-dimensional Ge-, Sn-, and Pb-based hybrid iodide perovskites  
Congcong Chen, Emily E. Morgan, Yang Liu, Jian Chen, Ram Seshadri and Lingling Mao*


By using S-(2-aminoethyl)isothiouronium (ETU) as the templating cation, five new metal iodide hybrids, (ETU)GeI4, (ETU)4Ge5I18, (ETU)PbI4 and (ETU)3Pb2I10 are reported with varied C–S–C angles in the organic cation.


  From the themed collection: Frontiers Emerging Investigator Series  
  The article was first published on 06 Aug 2022  
  Inorg. Chem. Front., 2022, Advance Article  

My research interest

Key words: Inorganic Chemistry; Materials Chemistry; Solid-state Chemistry
Materials chemistry: designing functional hybrid materials for optoelectronic applications

Establishing structure-property relationship in hybrid materials

10 Facts about me

I am most passionate about my work in discovering new materials. Solving a new crystal structure is the highlight of the day.

My passion besides work is enjoying great food with my friends.

I love skiing, but I have been stuck for two years without skiing due to COVID19.  

One of my hidden talents is sketching. I find it very relaxing.

One thing I cannot live without is music. I play music all the time when I’m driving or in the office.

Great papers depend not only on good results, but also on great writing. The writing reflects your thought process and whether you can deliver the essence.

A recent epiphany: work does not define who you are. Work is work.

I advise my students to take charge of their lives, have fun and do good science.

The most important quality of a mentor is to take a back seat when needed, and always be there for your mentees.

I have a cat named Schrödinger. He is an one-year-old blue/white British shorthair.

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