Meet our Associate Editor, Heidi Mansour

We are delighted to introduce you to our new RSC Pharmaceutics Associate Editor, Heidi Mansour.

Dr. Mansour is currently a Professor and Program Leader of Drug Discovery and Delivery at the Florida International University (FIU) Center for Translational Science located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, on the beautiful Treasure Coast.

Read more about Professor Mansour here.

Read some of Professor Mansour’s research here:

Glycosylated Ang-(1-7) MasR Agonist Peptide Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) Nanoparticles and Microparticles in Cognitive Impairment: Design, Particle Preparation, Physicochemical Characterization, and In Vitro Release
David Encinas-Basurto, John P. Konhilas, Robin Polt, Meredith Hay and Heidi M. Mansour
Pharmaceutics, 2022, 14, 587.

Advanced design and development of nanoparticle/microparticle dual-drug combination lactose carrier-free dry powder inhalation aerosols
Priya Muralidharan, Evan K. Mallory, Monica Malapit, Hanna Phan, Julie G. Ledford, Don Hayes, Jr and Heidi M. Mansour
RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 41846-41856.

Microparticulate/nanoparticulate powders of a novel Nrf2 activator and an aerosol performance enhancer for pulmonary delivery targeting the lung Nrf2/Keap-1 pathway
Priya Muralidharan, Don Hayes, Jr., Stephen M. Black and Heidi M. Mansour
Mol. Syst. Des. Eng., 2016, 1, 48-65.

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