Phenotypic Drug Discovery Web Themed Issue

MedChemComm is delighted to announce a high-profile themed issue on Phenotypic Drug Discovery, due for publication online in mid-2016. The issue is being Guest Edited by Dr Fabien Vincent (Pfizer), Dr Jonathan A. Lee (Eli Lilly) and Professor Michael Pollastri (Northeastern University).

Deadline for Submission: February 1, 2016

The level of quality of this issue will be high, and all manuscripts will subject to the journal’s normal standards and peer review process. Guidelines are available at and

If you are interested in taking part in this issue, please email MedChemComm:

Scope of the issue

Phenotypic approaches are highly complementary to the molecular target centric strategy that prevails in Pharma and moreover, may mitigate future clinical failure issues related to target validation and lack of efficacy. Five years into the Phenotypic Drug Discovery (PDD) Renaissance, this issue aims to shift the main focus in this area from assays and screens towards the medicinal chemistry programs engendered by these early efforts. Manuscripts covering the lessons learned and progress recorded on the road to clinical candidates in the areas highlighted below are actively sought:

  • Design of compound libraries for phenotypic screening (e.g. biologically annotated, diversity-based and natural products libraries)
  • Identification of novel targets for disease-relevant phenotypes
  • Identification of novel chemical matter or molecular mechanisms of action for known molecular targets
  • Identification of novel cellular roles for known targets
  • Challenges in PDD hit triage such as compound/series prioritization and validation
  • Challenges in driving an SAR  using complex assay systems (in vitro and in vivo systems)
  • Safety derisking and compound/project progression in the absence of a known target
  • Chemical biology approaches for mechanism and target deconvolution

New research in MedChemComm is published as Concise Articles. This article type encompasses both Communication and Full Paper styles with no strict page limit. There is also the opportunity to write a Review article for the issue, and if you would be interested in this please let us know.

MedChemComm is the Royal Society of Chemistry journal covering all areas of medicinal chemistry research, including research that interfaces with other areas of the chemical sciences, biology, materials science or physics

The journal is in partnership with the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC), and the co-Editors-in-Chief are Dr. Tony Wood (Pfizer) and Professor Greg Verdine (Harvard University). To view recent articles or to find out more about the journal please visit the website at

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