Free software tool for quantitative droplet analysis

Prof. Amar Basu from Wayne State University, USA, uses a tutorial video to explain his new freely available software tool Droplet Morphometry and Velocimetry (DMV):

A common problem for researchers in droplet microfluidics is the quantitative analysis of droplets.  Developments in the droplet microfluidics literature have shown that there is a great deal of relevant information encoded into a droplet’s physical characteristics, such its size, shape, velocity and trajectory.   Indeed, several techniques utilize such characteristics as measurements for label-free assays.  Currently however, much of the video or image analysis must be done manually. 

Droplet Morphometry and Velocimetry (DMV) is a software tool which uses image processing techniques to track droplets in digital videos, providing quantitative, time-resolved, label-free measurements.  DMV tracks 20 different parameters, including size, shape, trajectory, velocity, pixel statistics and nearest neighbor spacing.    Our recent Lab on a Chip paper provides details on DMV performance and how it can be used to analyze common droplet operations and systems reported by industry and academic labs, including: droplet generators, splitting and merging devices, cell encapsulation efficiency, serial dilutions, emulsion packing, size distributions and sorting efficiency.

Droplet Morphometry and Velocimetry (DMV): A video processing software for time-resolved, label-free tracking of droplet parameters
A. S. Basu

DMV is available free of charge to researchers in the droplet microfluidics community.  Currently >25 labs worldwide have requested the software.  To obtain the software, please feel free to contact Prof. Amar Basu at   Accompanying the software are a video training tutorial, installation tutorial and a playlist of videos showing the application of DMV in various operations.

This example video of DMV applied to drop splitting is one of eight available application example videos:

We welcome your feedback and new applications of DMV!  Updates will be posted to our website at

DMV video tutorial (58 minutes, HD):

DMV Installation tutorial (4 minutes, HD):

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