Dalton Transactions’ highest cited papers in 2022

As part of our Dalton Transactions up-and-coming articles web collection, we want to highlight our highest cited articles for 2022 (those published in 2021 with the highest number of citations in 2022) from various research areas within inorganic chemistry.

This web collection brings together articles that made waves in the inorganic chemistry community in 2022. These are Dalton Transactions’ top 1% highest cited or most downloaded articles in 2022.

Check out the full list of our highest cited articles in the table below (in order of descending number of citations*):

Title  Year   Citations*
Recent progress on pristine two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks as active components in supercapacitors 2021 54
  OctaDist: a tool for calculating distortion parameters in spin crossover and coordination complexes 2021 51
  Promoting urea oxidation and water oxidation through interface construction on a CeO2@CoFe2O4 heterostructure 2021 42
  Recent advances in metal-organic framework-based electrode materials for supercapacitors 2021 40
  Recent advances in molecular logic gate chemosensors based on luminescent metal organic frameworks 2021 40
  Recent advances in metal-organic frameworks as adsorbent materials for hazardous dye molecules 2021 37
  A new magnetic adsorbent of eggshell-zeolitic imidazolate framework for highly efficient removal of norfloxacin 2021 34
  A review of the recent progress on heterogeneous catalysts for Knoevenagel condensation 2021 32
  A novel Cr3+-doped Lu2CaMg2Si3O12 garnet phosphor with broadband emission for near-infrared applications 2021 32
  Highlights of the development and application of luminescent lanthanide based coordination polymers, MOFs and functional nanomaterials 2021 30
  A robust 3D zinc(II)-organic framework for efficient dual detection of acetylacetone and Tb3+ ions 2021 25
  Luminescent metal-organic frameworks as chemical sensors based on “mechanism-response”: a review 2021 23
  Recent strategies to improve the photoactivity of metal-organic frameworks 2021 23
  ESIPT-AIE active Schiff base based on 2-(2 ‘-hydroxyphenyl)benzo-thiazole applied as multi-functional fluorescent chemosensors 2021 23
  Molecular assemblies from linear-shaped Ln(4) clusters to Ln(8) clusters using different beta-diketonates: disparate magnetocaloric effects and single-molecule magnet behaviours 2021 23
  Recent progresses in luminescent metal-organic frameworks (LMOFs) as sensors for the detection of anions and cations in aqueous solution 2021 22
  A review on the recently developed promising infrared nonlinear optical materials 2021 22
  Synthesis and control strategies of nanomaterials for photoelectrochemical water splitting 2021 22
  Organoselenium ligands for heterogeneous and nanocatalytic systems: development and applications 2021 22
  A water-stable multi-responsive luminescent Zn-MOF sensor for detecting TNP, NZF and Cr2O72- in aqueous media 2021 20
  Selective construction and stability studies of a molecular trefoil knot and Solomon link 2021 20

*citation data according to Scopus

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