2019 RSC Prizes and Awards

In celebration of the 2019 Royal Society of Chemistry prizes and awards, we have collected together some of the exciting research published by the winners. This blog showcases work by the winners from across the Royal Society of Chemistry’s books portfolio.

Professor Aron Walsh (Corday-Morgan Prize 2019)
Computational Materials Discovery, Chapter 6, Computational Design of Photovoltaic Materials

Dr Rebecca Melen (Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2019)
Organometallic Chemistry Volume 41, Chapter 1, Recent developments and applications of Lewis acidic boron reagents

Professor Christopher Schofield (Interdisciplinary Prize 2019)
New Frontiers in Chemical Biology, Chapter 5, Chemical Biology of Histone Modifications 
2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Oxygenases

Professor Nigel Scrutton (Interdisciplinary Prize 2019)
Quantum Tunnelling in Enzyme-catalysed Reactions
Proton-coupled Electron Transfer

Professor Marcy Towns (Nyholm Prize for Education 2019)
Argumentation in Chemistry Education, Chapter 11, Argumentation in Physical Chemistry

Professor Russell Morris (Tilden Prize 2019)
Zeolites in Catalysis

Professor Jim Naismith (Tilden Prize 2019)
Cyclic Peptides

Dr Matthew Beard (Chemical Dynamics Award)
Advanced Concepts in Photovoltaics

Dr Federico Bella (ESED Early Career Award)
Photopolymerisation Initiating Systems, Chapter 16, Photopolymers for Third-generation Solar Cells

Dr Philippe Wilson (Joseph Black Award)
Simulating Enzyme Reactivity, Chapter 5, Kinetic Isotope Effects

Professor Véronique Gouverneur (Organic Stereochemistry Award)
C-H and C-X Bond Functionalization, Chapter 7, Strategies Towards Challenging Fluorination Reactions

Professor Matthias Beller (Spiers Memorial Award)
Heterocycles for Double-Functionalized Arenes
Economic Synthesis of Heterocycles

Professor Frank Kelly (Toxicology Award)
Airborne Particulate Matter, Health Effects of Airborne Particles in Relation to Composition, Size and Source

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