New materials books from the Royal Society of Chemistry

Take a look at these recently published Materials Science books covering topics across a number of our portfolio series by clicking on the links below. You can access the front matter, table of contents and the first chapter of these eBooks for free.

New in the RSC Smart Materials Series

Book cover: Semiconductor NanowiresSemiconductor Nanowires edited by Wei Lu and Jie Xiang

This book provides a timely reference on semiconductor nanowires including an introduction to their synthesis and properties and specific chapters focusing on the different applications including photovoltaics, nanogenerators, transistors, biosensors and photonics. This is the first book dedicated to Semiconductor Nanowires and provides an invaluable resource for researchers already working in the area as well as those new to the field.

Edited by leading experts in the field and with contributions from well-known scientists, the book will appeal to both those working on fundamental nanomaterial research and those commercially interested in their applications.

Book cover: Photocured MaterialsPhotocured Materials edited by Atul Tiwari and Alexander Polykarpov

The materials technologies based on photocuring are gaining momentum, and this will be the first book to provide an in-depth focus on the subject. This book summarises the fundamentals required to understand the field, characterises the use of novel materials and the development of synthetic aspects, and discusses the future of the technology.

The comprehensive review chapters are suitable for a broad readership from diverse backgrounds including chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, medical science, pharmacy, biotechnology and biomedical engineering. Photocured Materials will be of interest to students, researchers, scientists, engineers and professors.

New in the RSC Soft Matter Series

Book cover: Particle-Stabilized Emulsions and ColloidsParticle-Stabilized Emulsions and Colloids edited by To Ngai and Stefan Bon

In many cases of colloidal particles at interfaces, the mechanism of particle interactions is still unknown. Particle-Stabilized Emulsions and Colloids looks at recent studies on the behaviour of particles at liquid interfaces. The book first introduces the basic concepts and principles of colloidal particles at liquid-liquid interfaces including the interactions and conformations. The book then discusses the latest advances in emulsions and bicontinuous emulsions stabilized by both solid and soft particles and finally the book covers applications in food science and oil extraction.

With contributions from leading experts in these fields, this book will provide a background to academic researchers, engineers, and graduate students in chemistry, physics and materials science. The commercial aspects will also be of interest to those working in the cosmetics, food and oil industry.

Hydrogels in Cell-Based Therapies edited by Che J Connon  and Ian W Hamley

Book cover: Hydrogels in Cell-Based TherapiesThis book looks at the use of different polymers and other bionanomaterials to fabricate different hydrogel systems and their biomedical applications including enzyme responsive hydrogels and biomaterials, thermally responsive hydrogels, collagen gels and alginates.

With complementary expertise in cell biology and soft materials, the Editors provide a comprehensive overview of recent updates in this extremely topical field. This highly interdisciplinary subject will appeal to researchers in cell biology, biochemistry, biomaterials and polymer science and those interested in hydrogel applications.

New in the RSC Polymer Chemistry Series

Book cover: Cationic Polymers in Regenerative MedicineCationic Polymers in Regenerative Medicine edited by Sangram K. Samal and Peter Dubruel

This book brings together the expertise of leading experts in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in cationic polymer synthesis, modification and the design of biomaterials with different structures for therapeutic applications. Chapters cover recent developments in novel cationic polymer based systems including poly(L-lysine), Poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate)  and cationic triazine dendrimers as well as cationic polymer-coated micro- and nanoparticles and cationic cellulose and chitin nanocrystals. Applications discussed in the book include drug and gene delivery, therapeutics in thrombosis and inflammation as well as gene therapy.

Suitable both for an educational perspective for those new to the field and those already active in the field, the book will appeal for postgraduates and researchers. The broad aspects of the topics covered are suitable for polymer chemists interested in the fundamentals of the materials systems as well as pharmaceutical chemists, bioengineering and medical professionals interested in their applications.

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