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Analyst Issue 2 now online!

The latest issue of Analyst is now online: take a look at these beautiful covers and read all about the research behind them.

Analyst Issue 2

Front cover: Liu and Boyd, Analyst, 2013,138, 391-409

Our outside front cover features the work of Qingtao Liu and Ben J. Boyd from the Monash University, Parkville, Australia. In their critical review, the authors offer a detailed overview on the recent use of liposomes in the field of biosensors and bioanalysis.

Liposome surface structures can be modified in a way that they recognise a wide range of analytes. Thus, the possibility to translate liposomes into commercial devices for biosensing is discussed.

Liposomes in biosensors
Qingtao Liu and Ben J. Boyd
Analyst, 2013, 138, 391-409
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN36140J

The inside front cover gives a snapshot of a study from the Republic of Korea. Jong Kyu Kim and colleagues present a high performance gas sensor based on near single crystalline TiO2 array nanohelices fabricated by rotating oblique angle deposition (OAD). This new OAD method can be used to fabricate a functional electronic nose and multifunctional smart chips for in situ environmental monitoring.

Analyst Issue 2

Inside front cover: Hwang et al., Analyst, 2013,138, 443-450

A near single crystalline TiO2 nanohelix array: enhanced gas sensing performance and its application as a monolithically integrated electronic nose
Sunyong Hwang, Hyunah Kwon, Sameer Chhajed, Ji Won Byon, Jeong Min Baik, Jiseong Im, Sang Ho Oh, Ho Won Jang, Seok Jin Yoon and Jong Kyu Kim
Analyst, 2013, 138, 443-450
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN35932D

Analyst Issue 2

Back cover: Chen et al., Analyst 2013, 138, 451-460

Finally, the back cover of this issue shows wonderful pictures taken using a dual-beam focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope (FIB/SEM) system developed by Alexander Laskin and his group, from the Pacific Northwest Laboratories, USA. The researchers suggest a novel approach for particle microanalysis, including inorganic refractive materials like fly ash and mineral dust.

Chemical imaging analysis of environmental particles using the focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy technique: microanalysis insights into atmospheric chemistry of fly ash
Haihan Chen, Vicki H. Grassian, Laxmikant V. Saraf and Alexander Laskin
Analyst, 2013, 138, 451-460
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN36318F

Along with the covers of this issue, here are some interesting HOT articles for you to take a look at:

A selective amperometric sensing platform for lead based on target-induced strand release
Feng Li, Limin Yang, Mingqin Chen, Peng Li and Bo Tang
Analyst, 2013, 138, 461-466
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN36227A

An insight into the hybridization mechanism of hairpin DNA physically immobilized on chemically modified graphenes
Adeline Huiling Loo, Alessandra Bonanni and Martin Pumera
Analyst, 2013, 138, 467-471
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN36199J

Thermal dissociation atmospheric chemical ionization ion trap mass spectrometry with a miniature source for selective trace detection of dimethoate in fruit juices
Yongzhong Ouyang, Xinglei Zhang, Jing Han, Xiali Guo, Zhiqiang Zhu, Huanwen Chen and Liping Luo
Analyst, 2013, 138, 472-479
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN36244A

These papers will be free until January 9th.

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Analyst Issue 1 now online!

The first issue of Analyst for 2013 has now gone online! Here are the three cover articles for you to enjoy.

Analyst Issue 1

Front cover: Smits et al., Analyst, 2013, 138, 111-117

On the front cover, we have a wonderful image from Nathalie Smits and colleagues from the RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety , Wageningen, The Netherlands. The team developed a new multiplex screening tool of biomarkers for recognition of recombinant bovine somatotropin. According to the reasearch, this method can be applied with high confidence to screen somatotropin abuse in cattle. To know more about this article, click on the link below:

Multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay for serum biomarker profiling of recombinant bovine somatotropin
Nathalie Gabriëlle Esther Smits, Susann Katrina Julie Ludwig, Grisha Van der Veer, Maria Gabriëlle Eleonore Gerarda Bremer and Michel Wilhelmus Franciscus Nielen
Analyst, 2013, 138, 111-117
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN35226E

On a similar subject, our inside front cover is from Stephen O’ Hagan featuring the work of  Roystone Goodacre and co-workers from the University of Manchester. This study shows how silver deposited onto copper surfaces, such as the British 2 pence coins, can be used for detection of legal or illegal substances present in solution at low concentration. The researchers used the highly fluorescent Rhodamine 6G probe to demonstrate that silver application to copper coins leads to production of substrates capable of promoting Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS). The application of different drugs to the obtained substrates was then carried out using

Analyst Issue 1

Inside front cover: Mabbott et al., Analyst, 2013, 138, 118-122

 spotting and soaking methodologies.

2p or not 2p: tuppence-based SERS for the detection of illicit materials
Samuel Mabbott ,  Alex Eckmann ,  Cinzia Casiraghi and Royston Goodacre
Analyst, 2013, 138, 118-122
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN35974J

Back cover: Lo et al., Analyst 2013, 138, 25-31

Finally, the image on the back cover of this issue showcases the work of Gregory V. Hartland and colleagues, from the University of Notre Dame, USA. In this mini-review, the authors describe  their most recent data on detecting single nano-objects using transient absorption microscopy. They highlight a few key points for implementing transient absorption microscopy and discuss advantages and disadvantages of the techniques compared to other optical absorption based methods.

Optical detection of single nano-objects by transient absorption microscopy
Shun Shang Lo ,  Mary Sajini Devadas ,  Todd A. Major and Gregory V. Hartland
Analyst, 2013, 138, 25-31
DOI: 10.1039/C2AN36097G

These cover articles are free to access for 6 weeks. And don’t forget to take a look at the Hot articles of this Issue!

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