The last of 2012’s NJC Poster Prize winners

Profiles of 3 young chemists who were awarded NJC poster prizes in the spring of 2012.

Yang Wang

 Yang Wang, a young Chinese Ph.D. student in the group of Dr Ling Peng at the CINaM in Marseille, won the NJC Poster Prize awarded at the 7th Organic Chemistry Meeting of Marseille. His research interests lie in synthesizing different kinds of dendrimers and their bio-application in drug delivery, especially nucleic acids drug delivery.  

Yang’s winning poster was entitled  “Synthesis of amphiphilic poly(aminoester) dendrimers  for drug delivery”. Poly(aminoester) dendrimers show great promise as biodegradable nanocarriers for drug delivery due to their advantageous properties: biodegradability, potentially lower toxicity and possibility of diverse chemical conjugations. This work presented the design and synthesis of amphiphilic poly(aminoester) dendrimers bearing amine terminal functionalities for effective drug delivery.  

Konstantin Chegaev

 Two NJC poster prizes were awarded at the 6th French-Italian Chemistry Days, also held in Marseille and organized under the auspices of the French Chemical Society (SCF).  

Dr Konstantin Chegaev is a researcher in the group of Prof. Roberta Fruttero, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology of the University of Torino. He is focusing his research in the field of anticancer drugs with particular interest to the problem of multi-drug resistance.  

The title of Konstantin’s poster was “Multitarget drugs: NO-donor doxorubicins”. The major result presented in this work is the reversal of multitarget drug resistance in doxorubicin-resistant cell lines. The use of exogenous NO-donor molecules provoke the nitration of tyrosine residue of MDR pumps with consequent increase of doxorubicin accumulation and toxicity in HT29dx cell lines. The authors believe that NO-donor doxorubicins warrant further investigations in preclinical and clinical settings.  

Momar Toure


Ph.D. student Momar Toure was the 2nd laureate at this meeting. He is completing his studies in the groups of Jean-Luc Parrain and Olivier Chuzel in the iSm2 laboratory at the University of Aix-Marseille.  

Momar’s poster was on “Self-assembled calixborate macrocyclic anion receptors“. Well-designed macrocyclic calixborates  incorporating imidazolium functinalities were synthesized in high yield. These new macrocycles display a high binding affinity for halides and oxoanions.  

Congratulations to all 3 laureates!

A list of all previous NJC Poster Prize winners can be found here.

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