Outstanding Papers in Energy Advances 2023!

We are delighted to announce the Outstanding Papers of 2023 for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Energy Advances journal!

This collection celebrates the best contributions to our gold open access journal during our second year of publications. These leading papers were selected by the editorial board, the advisory board and the editorial office based on the science presented, impact throughout the year and potential future impact.

Explore all the outstanding articles below or check out our dedicated collection for the full articles, which are published gold open access so are free to read!

Outstanding Review Articles

From material properties to device metrics: a data-driven guide to battery design
Kevin W. Knehr, Joseph J. Kubal, Abhas Deva, Mohammed B. Effat and Shabbir Ahmed
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 1326-1350

Machine learning in energy chemistry: introduction, challenges and perspectives
Yuzhi Xu, Jiankai Ge and Cheng-Wei Ju
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 896-921

Two-dimensional materials for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Sang Eon Jun, Jae Kwan Lee and Ho Won Jang
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 34-53

Defect engineering in antimony selenide thin film solar cells
Udari Wijesinghe, Giulia Longo and Oliver S. Hutter
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 12-33

Outstanding Research Articles

Beyond energy density: flow battery design driven by safety and location
David Reber, Sam R. Jarvis and Michael P. Marshak
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 1357-1365

Enhanced uranium extraction selectivity from seawater using dopant engineered layered double hydroxides
Muhammad Zubair, Hayden Ou, Yuwei Yang,  Daniel T. Oldfield,  Lars Thomsen,   Bijil Subhash, Jessica L. Hamilton, Joshua T. Wright, Nicholas M. Bedford and Jessica Veliscek Carolan
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 1134-1147

The impact of snow losses on solar photovoltaic systems in North America in the future
Ryan A. Williams, Daniel J. Lizzadro-McPherson and Joshua M. Pearce
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 1634-1649

Improved reversibility of lithium deposition and stripping with high areal capacity under practical conditions through enhanced wettability of the polyolefin separator to highly concentrated electrolytes
Yosuke Ugata, Chihaya Motoki, Satoshi Nishikawa and  Naoaki Yabuuchi
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 503-507

Improved electrode reversibility of anionic redox with highly concentrated electrolyte solution and aramid-coated polyolefin separator
Nanaka Shimada, Yosuke Ugata, Satoshi Nishikawa, Daisuke Shibata, Toshiaki Ohta and Naoaki Yabuuchi
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 508-512

Effect of Ti1−xFexO2 photoanodes on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells utilizing natural betalain pigments extracted from Beta vulgaris (BV)
Abhishek Srivastava, Jena Akash Kumar Satrughna, Manish Kumar Tiwari, Archana Kanwade, Subhash Chand Yadav, Kiran Bala and Parasharam M. Shirage
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 148-160

Enhancing low electronic conductivity materials in all active material electrodes through multicomponent architecture
Chen Cai and Gary M. Koenig, Jr.
Energy Adv., 2023,2, 308-320

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