Emerging Investigator: Jie Yang at Tianjin University, China

Emerging Investigator: Jie Yang

Position           Associate Professor

Education        2013–2018  Wuhan University                         Ph.D.

                        2009–2013  Wuhan University                         B.Sc.

ORCID            0000-0001-9433-3444

Read Jie Yang’s Emerging Investigator Series article in Materials Chemistry Frontiers and learn more about him.

  Exciplex-induced TADF, persistent RTP and ML in a host–guest doping system  


A universal exciplex platform was reported to construct multifunctional luminescent materials, including thermally-activated delayed fluorescence (TADF), persistent room temperature phosphorescence (RTP) and mechanoluminescence (ML).


  From the themed collection: Frontiers Emerging Investigator Series  
  The article was first published on 26 Jan 2023  
  Mater. Chem. Front., 2023, Advance Article  

My research interests

Key words: organic π-system; room temperature phosphorescence; aggregation-induced emission; mechanoluminescence
My research interests mainly focus on the development of new organic solid-state luminescent materials, including room temperature phosphorescence (RTP), aggregation-induced emission (AIE) and mechanoluminescence (ML), etc. Particularly, I am very interested in exploring the relationship between aggregation structure and the resultant luminescent behaviors through regulation of organic π-systems. The deep understanding of structure–property relationship can well guide the design of luminescent materials with improved performance, thus to meet the requirements of practical applications.

10 Facts about me

I chose my current career path because I can constantly discover new things and create new knowledge.  

I am interested in luminescent materials because they are so beautiful in the dark.

I published my first academic article in J. Mater. Chem. C in 2015, which is about the design of blue AIE luminogens and their application in OLEDs.

The goal of my research is to develop new materials that can be used in daily life.

I am most passionate about my work in organic room temperature phosphorescence because this in itself is an anomaly which easily arouses my curiosity.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading martial arts fiction.

My favourite thing is watching my little girl grow up happily.

I would like to share with my students: success comes from constant effort.

My most important role model is my advisor Prof. Zhen Li. His passion for scientific research has always impressed me and I learned a lot from him.

I always feel lucky to be able to do what I like with lovely people.

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