Yu Tang joins ICF as Editorial Board Member

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We are delighted to announce that Professor Yu Tang (Lanzhou University, China) has joined Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers as Editorial Board Member.


Yu Tang is Changjiang professor at Lanzhou University. She received her B.S. (1993), M.S. (1996), and Ph.D. (1999) degrees in Inorganic Chemistry from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University. Following postdoctoral research and an associate professorship, she has been a professor at Lanzhou University since 2007. She has received the Young Teacher Award of Fok Yingdong, Excellent Teacher Award of Bao Gang and Higher Education Teacher Award of Gansu Province.

ORCID: 0000-0003-3933-043X

Research Highlights

Her research interest includes the synthesis and functional regulation of novel rare-earth complexes and their smart devices for luminescent probes, tumor markers/treatment, optical anti-counterfeiting, catalysis, and solar cells.

Check some of her publications at Royal Society of Chemistry:

A smart tumor-microenvironment responsive nanoprobe for highly selective and efficient combination therapy
Yifan Fan, Shanli Guan, Wenpeng Fang, Pengyun Li, Binbin Hu, Changfu Shan, Wenyu Wu, Jing Cao, Bo Cheng, Weisheng Liu and Yu Tang
Inorg. Chem. Front., 2019,6, 3562-3568

Activatable smart nanoprobe for sensitive endogenous MMP2 detection and fluorescence imaging-guided phototherapies
Binbin Hu, Pengyun Li, Yu Zhang, Changfu Shan, Pingru Su, Jing Cao, Bo Cheng, Wenyu Wu, Weisheng Liu and Yu Tang
Inorg. Chem. Front., 2019,6, 820-828

Surface ligand coordination induced self-assembly of a nanohybrid for efficient photodynamic therapy and imaging
Pingru Su, Zhanwu Zhu, Qiaohui Fan, Jing Cao, Yuepeng Wang, Xiaoxi Yang, Bo Cheng, Weisheng Liu and Yu Tang
Inorg. Chem. Front., 2018,5, 2620-2629

A smart nanoprobe based on a gadolinium complex encapsulated by ZIF-8 with enhanced room temperature phosphorescence for synchronous oxygen sensing and photodynamic therapy
Zhongli Zhao, Jiaxi Ru, Panpan Zhou, Yunsheng Wang, Changfu Shan, Xiaoxi Yang, Jing Cao, Weisheng Liu, Huichen Guo and Yu Tang
Dalton Trans., 2019,48, 16952-16960

Stringing MOF-derived nanocages: a strategy for the enhanced oxygen evolution reaction
Huajie Xu, Yiwei Yang, Xiaoxi Yang, Jing Cao, Weisheng Liu and Yu Tang
J. Mater. Chem. A, 2019,7, 8284-8291

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