HOT article: One-step direct synthesis of layered double hydroxide single-layer nanosheets

Written by Sebastian Axmann.

Single-layer nanosheets as layered double hydroxides (LDH) are of widespread interest both in research and application as they offer unique advantages for electronic devices. A recent communication in Nanoscale by Yu et al. reports on a new approach to simplify the overall manufacturing process.

Direct growth of single-layer nanosheets with the assistance of layer growth inhibitors

Common techniques yielding LDH nanosheets are based on exfoliation of synthesized multi-layer stacks. Due to the high binding forces in between the single layers, obtaining single layers requires aggressive chemicals and long processing times.

The approach presented by the authors comprises the utilization of formamide during the material growth process to suppress vertical growth for MgAl. Thus, only in-plane layer formation continues, leading to large single-layer LDH nanosheets. The authors demonstrate that only LDH single-layer nanosheets are obtained by means of TEM, XRD and AFM measurement techniques to compare this new method with the standard synthesis procedure.

The underlying mechanism is believed to be based on the weakened layer interaction by formamide. In addition, the same approach was also successfully applied to LDH nanosheets based on Co and Al.

One-step direct synthesis of layered double hydroxide single-layer nanosheets
Jingfang Yu, Benjamin R. Martin, Abraham Clearfield, Zhiping Luo and Luyi Sun
Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 9448-9451. DOI: 10.1039/C5NR01077B

Sebastian Axmann is a guest web-writer for the Nanoscale blog. His interests comprise manufacturing and metrology of nanostructures as well as their usage in current semiconductor devices. He also posts links to interesting research articles on Twitter: @SebastianAxmann.

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