Nanoscale article in Chemistry World: Nanopaper light scattering under control

Transparent nanopaper with tailored optical propertiesCollaborators in the US and China have demonstrated that by changing the diameter of cellulose fibres in nanopaper they can tailor its optical properties for use in optoelectronics.

In this work, Zhichao Ruan from Zhejiang University and Liangbing Hu from the University of Maryland have looked at the effect of changing the fibre diameter and packing density in transparent nanopaper. ‘Specular transmittance measures light in the normal direction, whereas diffusive transmittance refers to the forward direction’ explains Hu. ‘As the fibre diameter decreases, the overall transmittance, including both specular and diffusive transmittance, increases. But the difference between the two, which is related to the haze of the nanopaper, starts to decrease.’

Read the full article in Chemistry World!

Read the article in Nanoscale:

Transparent nanopaper with tailored optical properties
Hongli Zhu, Sepideh Parvinian, Colin Preston, Oeyvind Vaaland, Zhichao Ruan and Liangbing Hu
DOI: 10.1039/C3NR00520H

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