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Welcome to our Advisory Board!

Introducing our inaugural Advisory Board for RSC Applied Polymers

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural Advisory Board for RSC Applied Polymers! Please welcome 59 internationally renowned researchers working across all applications of natural and synthetic polymers.

This Word Cloud represents keywords from the top 500 articles published by our Advisory Board members in the last 5 years, and it is a great visual demonstration of the scope of the journal.

Representing a range of career stages, subject expertise, we are grateful to welcome Advisory Board members from across 17 countries across the globe. They include both established and emerging leaders with impactful work addressing the application of polymers to address societal challenges. We look forward to their help informing the journal’s future activities.

The full list of who is on board can be found on the journal webpage here.



Read some of their articles published in RSC Applied Polymers here.


RSC Applied Polymers offers you an impactful platform for research focussing on the application of polymers, both natural and synthetic.

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